Maskeliya shifting spanner!

16th August 2007, 17:45
I've put a photo of my old shifting spanner (on the "Engines etc" slot in t'gallery) I was issued with on "Maskeliya" and which followed me for the rest of my sea-going career. Replies of "Sad b*****d! Get a life!" are fully expected!!! (and probably deserved!!!!):sweat: Salaams! Phil(Thumb)

16th August 2007, 19:06
Sailed with Newfoundand crew for a number of years, they referred to it as a "tum wrench".

Tum = Thumb: as in how you adjust it!! (Thumb)

16th August 2007, 21:15
Still got mine, Bahco - best of the lot. Another sad b*****d.


16th August 2007, 21:50
Got mine too

17th August 2007, 17:12
Still got my Bahco, it is now 60 years old and used it this week.

john g
28th August 2007, 21:19
If you looped a strand of fine wire through the thumb screw recess and round your little finger you could spin it like a "gunslinger" ,that had the Chinese fitters baffled for a few days....after that it was like Dodge City...small things to amuse during long days at sea !!...Has anyone seen the price of a Bahco shifter these days ? Still use the small ones but the metric world has standardised most fittings now.

28th August 2007, 22:10
Still have my Crescent Crestoloy 12" 6" & 4" shifting spanners.The jaws of the 12" are as tight as the day it was purchased even tho the handle is well marked with hammer blows or where leverage has been extended by use of a piece of pipe.Sacriledge I can hear some muttering but in my apprenticeship I learnt Crescent could take a lot of misuse & when time was running out it was a case of give it a go. Kiwi

Nick Jones
28th August 2007, 23:58
I still have my 10" Bahco, bought in 1967, while with PSNC. used continually during my 3 + years with Brocks, never went to sea without it. Nowadays the ones we get in the States tend to confuse me as the screw goes the other way. I wonder who's right?


Nick jones