Granton Trawlers

17th August 2007, 20:20
SN members will be interested in a recent website that details the history of trawlers that went to sea from Granton and Leith. The person(s) behind the site deserve great credit as the narrative holds the attention of fishermen and non-fishermen alike. It is also a very useful source for research.

Apologies if this information has been posted previously. I couldn't find mention of it elsewhere on SN.


17th August 2007, 21:22
Thanks for adding the link, its a really well presented site.
I would also recommend reading the Newhaven-on-Forth Port of Grace book by Tom McGowran.

19th August 2007, 19:39
Second what Billy has said, an interesting site which is gradually being added to.
On a separate note, was up at Granton myself yesterday, looking for the remains of James Martin's boatyard where wooden vessels were built from 1941. Does anyone have any info relating to this yard? thanks, Graham

19th August 2007, 22:37

Scroll to the bottom of the following link which gives you the location of Martin's boatyard and a seemingly the remains of a 'launching slip' inside the harbour.

20th August 2007, 21:21
Can't find it in the link, only the pic of yard fire, which I already had. Did find the former boatyard on Sunday tho. Cheers!

Captain Meeky
5th September 2007, 17:00
Graham, i'm looking for information on James Martin's yard too as I have one of the wooden MFV boats that they built in 1942.
If you find anything, i'd be very grateful if you could contact me at or through this site.
Thank you. Neil.

5th September 2007, 17:39
What info have you got on your boat, Neil?

15th January 2008, 12:24
I remember accompaning my father (aged 1951)to collect his ringnetter Golden Dawn LH 184.which had been on Martins slipway for sterntube repair.
The yard was fairly busy at that time,but I can't recall how many years it operated after that.I beleive that the mfv Mizpah which was owned by the Jarron family of Cockenzie was a wartime build from that yard
Robert Clark Eyemouth

16th January 2008, 20:50
Hi, Robert. After they had built 11 MFVs during the war, their next build was the Mizpah that you mention, 1946, LH181, 52 ft, canoe stern, Crossley engine, Edwinsons seine winch, owned Peter Jarron and Peter Donaldson. Sold around 1970 to Girvan (BA181) after being converted to prawn trawl by Blairs.
Your father's Golden Dawn, was that a Reekie build? Think it was at Burnmouth later, then sold down south of England but may be wrong! Think it's on the wall in the Gulls Nest, if I remember right.