Shore Gang

22nd August 2007, 16:48
Never sailed with Brocks, but from 1966 until the last ship to sail from the London River worked on probably every Brocklebank ship to visit the Thames as a rigger securing cargo. First in the Royal Albert and then Tilbury. Also the Port boats that were on charter. Occasionally securing cargo when loading ammo at Chapmans anchorage, off Southend. The shore captain was Harry Ackersly and when cargo securing was finished was sometimes invited by him to the officers bar for liquid refreshments. Also became friendly with Paul Andre, ships carpenter on M?????, and supposedly the only non officer to wear a uniform. Good old days.
Cheers John.

stan mayes
22nd August 2007, 17:09
Hello John, Great to see another rigger posting on this excellent SN site..
And if members are wondering if we know each other,we do.We were work colleagues and friends -I hope - and we covered the Thames and Medway areas..

Keith Adams
24th August 2007, 05:09
Hello Stan and John , I made at least two trips from Southend with explosives for the Peruvian and Chilean Navies in around 1954 - 1955 ... think I was on the P.S.N.C. mv 'Salamanca" at the time. Our entire No 2 and No 3 shelterdecks and tweendecks were fitted out with wooden lockers for shells and stuff with No 1 fitted for Detonators. Loaded each trip from the coaster "Lady McGowan" which had to make two trips out to us in order to fill up our lockers prior to our sailing ... made two more such voyages but from a southwest port (can't remember its name) but still loaded from the same coaster. Riggers and Dockers came down from Gravesend so basically worked a "Job and Finnish" each day ... long ride down and return up river to get to work and back home! I had a really good photo of the "Lady McGowan" which about 30 years ago I gave to a Ship Foreman for Marine Terminals, Oakland, California who had worked in her unloading munitions in the 1950s ... I should have made a copy first ! Sorry I can't recall his name, but he'd forgotten more than I will ever know about rigging for, and stowage/securing of breakbulk general cargo ... I used to think I was pretty good at it until I ran into him ! Snowy