The name game!!!
29th March 2005, 11:39
The renaming of ships is sometimes very confusing, especially when it comes to tracing their history, this one is particularly so. She was launched as the Rosedale on August 1st 1905, at the Richardson, Duck & Co. Ltd yard, Stockton-on-Tees. Renamed Arvonian on the 1st of September, when she was bought by the Golden Cross Line, Cardiff for £30,550. Taken over by the Royal Navy in November 1917, and re-named H.M.S. Bendish. On 18th December, she was renamed “USS Santee” as an U.S. Navy decoy, or "Q" ship. Re-named H.M.S. Bendish (again) and sent to Gibraltar for more “Q” ship operations. She was decommissioned on 8 April 1918. Renamed Arvonian, (again) in July 1919. In November 1919 she was sold to the Rondda Shipping & Coal Exporting Co. Ltd, re-named Brookvale where she stayed till 1928, then re-named Spidola, and a new Russian owner. But the story doesn’t end there!!! In 1943 she was captured by the Germans and re-named Rudau. After the war (1947) re-named Spidola (again) owned by a Costa Rican company. Sold to German owners, (Walter Ritscher) and she was finally broken up at Hamburg, in 1958, at the grand old age of 53. Sorry but I don’t have her last name under the German flag. She was torpedoed in the first world war, attacked by the R.A.F. in WW II, Also ran aground in WW II. And ran aground and sank in 1948. (Photographed as the Arvonian) Regards Tony.

11th January 2006, 09:28
My first post, please be kind to a newbie !

I am researching family history and wonder if the following could be clarified.

One of my great uncles - George Pike - served in the Great War, initially with the Gloucestershire Hussars where he saw action at Gallipoli and then into Egypt where at a nasty little engagement at Qatia in April 1916 he was mentioned in dispatches & awarded an MM, being promoted to Squadron Sergeant Major. Apparently his boat skills were noted and he then disappears from the Army to emerge in the Royal Navy, commissioned as a Lieutenant. Apart from a Field Post Card written to his family in 1916 informing them he would write soon, I have nothing else until a letter he wrote home in September 1918, commiserating with his mother over the recent death of his brother/her other son (killed by shellfire at the taking of Ooutersteene Ridge after having fought with the South Wales Borderers in Flanders since 1915).
The letter is written from "H.M.S. Bendish" which I am informed was one of
assumed names taken by the decoy 'Q' ships used by the Navy to counter German submarine activity. Is this vessel Bendish the same 'Bandish' as in your
post ? If so where might I be able to find out more, both on the vessel itself,
and its' complement of officers/crew ?
Thanking you for your attention, look forward to hearing from you,
Kind regards

11th January 2006, 14:38
Welcome deejaym to the site enjoy it and all it has to offer and a happy new year to you.

non descript
11th January 2006, 16:10
A warm welcome to the site Deejaym, you will find the good ship SN an excellent vessel with a great and very helpful crew. We look forward to your postings. Bon Voyage

11th January 2006, 19:43
welcome on board deejaym,i am sure some one will have some answers for you,regards .edward.

Bruce Carson
11th January 2006, 20:02
Hi Deejaym, welcome to the site. You can't help but enjoy the information, the fun and the general camaraderie here.

There is an online site listing all of the Royal Navy Q ships and it shows the 'Bendish' and not the 'Bandish'
It looks like the 'Bendish' and the 'Bandish' are one and the same as it also lists the 'Santee' as another name for the 'Bendish'.

Bruce C.
12th January 2006, 19:40
Welcome aboard deejaym, Sorry for the misunderstanding I think Bruce is absolutely right she was called Bendish and not Bandish, I must learn to read properly!!!! I gleaned the Arvonian’s colourful history from a fine book about the Golden Cross Line by David Jenkins, the company was owned by two local brothers, (Llyn Peninsula, north Wales) so there’s no shortage of photos and history about them, I’ve even got several crew agreements form her on voyages between 1906 ~ 1910, which have helped me quite a lot. Good luck with your search, Regards Tony.

15th January 2006, 12:10
Thank you for your warm welcome, your sentiments are much appreciated. I had no idea a ship could have so many names ..........very confusing to a non-mariner.

As and when I can find out more on my relative, his switch of service and Naval
record, I'll report again.

In the meantime, all the very best,

Kind regards