Norham Castle - built 1883

25th August 2007, 13:44
My great uncle sailed in NORHAM CASTLE from Dartmouth to Cape on 13 March 1891. I believe that NORHAM CASTLE was owned by Donald Currie and Co, otherwise known as Castle Shipping Line. Apart from that, I know nothing!

I would welcome any information please on NORHAM CASTLE. Does anyone know where I can access a photo of the ship?

Many thanks

25th August 2007, 14:12
Norham Castle was launched on 26.02.1883 as the Armadale Castle by builders Elder of Govan then changed names shortly afterwards. She changed names again in 1903 to Martinique. In September 1932 she was broken up in Italy. Send me a PM with a contact email and I will send you a photo of her as Armadale Castle

Heres a little more info

built by John Elder & Co Govan,
Yard No 279

Last Name: MARTINIQUE (1903)
Previous Names: Laid down as ARMADALE CASTLE
Launched: Monday, 26 February 1883
Built: 1883
Ship Type: Passenger Cargo Vessel
Tonnage: 4392 grt
Length: 380.6 feet
Breadth: 48.2 feet
Owner History:
D. Currie & Co.
1896 Castle Mail Packets Company
1900 Union-Castle Mail SS Co.
1903 Cie. Generale Transatlantique, Le Havre
Status: Scrapped - 1932

Norman Trewren
25th August 2007, 14:30

Pages 52-54 of CJ Harris' 'Mailships of the Union-Castle Line' has a superb picture of Norham Castle at Gravesend and a goodly amount of detail about her and her life.



29th August 2007, 22:37
Hi Alick.

Just a few snippets. Here's an advert for the NORHAM CASTLE before she sailed on that particular voyage (dated 9 Mar 1891).

In the same paper (The Times) a month later:

Thu, 09 Apr 1891
The Mails
Messrs. Donald Currie and Co.'s s.s. MELROSE
arrived at Natal at 1 a.m. on Tuesday with mails and
passengers ex Castle packet Norham Castle from Eng-


30th August 2007, 11:48
I've got a picture of the castle

30th August 2007, 14:43
Thanks very much, everybody.

I am trying to get a copy of the book from our local library.

Martin, you are a star! I dunno where you get it from but it's magic to see the original ads. I've copied it into my family history.

Best wishes

10th December 2012, 04:15
Does anyone know the name of the Captain of this ship, Norham Castle. I have a suspicion it was Capt George Macaulay or His Son.


10th December 2012, 12:14
Does anyone know the name of the Captain of this ship, Norham Castle. I have a suspicion it was Capt George Macaulay or His Son.


At the head of the Passenger List dated 13 March 1891, when she sailed from Dartmouth to South Africa, the Master's name was J. WINCHESTER.

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10th December 2012, 20:04
Thank you for that, I have made a note.

I have this line from an auction advert

"The 1873 letter written by Macaulay discusses his son's drowning on the ship Norham Castle and the joy he felt when it was leaned to be false, while another letter dated 1875 certifies Macaulay as having sailed fore 2 years on the "Dunnotter Castle" of Glasgow and the "Norham Castle". "

I know that Alan Macaulay was the Capt of the Culzean Castle.
Ultimately I want to find the identities of the crew that went down on the Culzean.