29th March 2005, 19:13
Pic given to me of the tanker BRAER aground in the Bay of Quendale in the Shetland Isles in January 1993 and brought about one of the worst environmental catastrophes at least since EXXON VALDEZ.
BRAER was built as a HELLESPONT tanker becoming BRAE TRADER then BRAER.
29th March 2005, 19:21
A friend of mine was on the scene, on an anchor handler before she hit the rocks, and a tow wire parted and broke his arm, The company he was on was Gulf, but I can't remember her name. Regards Tony.

8th January 2006, 23:39
I was on the Far Grimshader taking a full load of detergent to clean up the mess. North of Sumburgh there was a strong smell of oil. The weather was atrocious force 11-12 all the way.
Approaching the Shell berth at Holmsgarth we were maneouvering astern into a force 12 coming down the saddle of the hill there, Tommy Grimes at the controls showed exemplary seamanship to get us alongside in evil conditions. After twelve hours alongside nothing was offloaded as the cargo was deemed more toxic than the Braer's cargo so we took it back to the mainland.

BBC weather said the weather in Shetland had not dropped below force 12 for three weeks...