yankee jeeps

30th August 2007, 14:24
i wonder if i can get any imformation on some american ships sent here during world war 2 i was on five of them we called them yanky jeeps i dont know why i did find out there code name is N3=S=A1TYPE e ones i on benjamin sherburn, laban howes, jessie g cotting. elkanah crowell william homan,

Bruce Carson
31st August 2007, 02:45
A few details on the "Jeeps".
N3 (Coastal, cargo, 250'-300') S (Steam, under 12 passengers) "A" is an approximate date of the design and the "1" indicates an original design, without later modifications.

Here is a thread that will give some details:
That, in turn, has the following URL with a few more details:
And a picture of a "Jeep":

The Jesse G. Cotting (Scrapped 1949) and the Elkanah Crowell (Scrapped in China?) were built in 1943 by the Walter Butler Shipbuilders at Superior, Wisconsin.
The Laban Howes (scrapped 1962) and the William Homan (CTL 1964) came from the Leathem D. Smith Shipbuilding Co., Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin in 1943.
The Benjamin Sherburn was built in 1943 (Scrapped 1972) by the Pacific Bridge Co., Alameda, California.
Gross tonnage approx 1,800. 250' x 41, single screw, 3xp, 10 knots.
The Laban Howes ran as the Ulster Steamship's Kinsale Head in 1949-53 and the William Homan was the Edenglen of the West Hartlepool Steam Navigation Co. in 1950-51. The Benjamin Sherburn became the Clydesdale Shipowners Winga for a few years, but mostly as they aged, they were owned by lesser known companies under flags of convenience.


31st August 2007, 15:44
re,yanky jeeps ,thanks bruce you certainly done your home work i recone theyll all be scapped now and good ridence they were hard work in the stoke hole with those water tube boilers but thank god the coal burners have gone too, once again bruce thanks. albert. si