World War 2 Convoy Names

James MacDonald
2nd September 2007, 08:59
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James MacDonald
2nd September 2007, 09:15
My Dad was torpedoed during WW2 on the following ships
Allan MacDonald R130088 A/B
British Endeavour sunk 22.02.40
Doryssa off Number 16653 sunk 15.09.41
Eastmoor sunk 31.03.42
Empire Prince Off No 18.2.43 off No 1662314 sunk 18.02.43
Does anyone out there know my Dad

Keith Adams
3rd September 2007, 05:18
My Uncle Bob at age 16 on first trip out to USA had to take to lifeboats twice before making it into New York on the third vessel ... said he was interviewed on the radio but didn't remember ship names ... he never did handle life very well after that ... your Dad sure didn't have much luck , but on the bright side he was a lucky guy to survive so many sinkings ... must be some sort of a record ! I trust the Gals and Guys on this site will come up with some source contacts for you, Cheers, Snowy

3rd September 2007, 08:14
There are survivor reports for 3 of the ships you mention. You can obtain copies of these reports from The National Archives in Kew, London

The references are......


DORYSSA ADM199/2145 Page 70

EASTMOOR ADM199/2133 Page 113


Baltic Wal
5th September 2007, 18:48
ALAN MACDONALD and EMPIRE PRINCE were not sunk. If you want the survivors reports for the other three then contact me, I have them in my collection of 3,000 reports and they will be readable in Word format.

stan mayes
5th September 2007, 21:13
Hello Baltic Wal,
Re survivors reports..Do you have any from VIKING STAR ?
I have the report from Chief Officer F.McQuiston as senior surviving officer and my own of course {not official]..
Maybe there were others I am not aware of ...Regards Stan..

Baltic Wal
6th September 2007, 12:49
British Dry Cargo
MoWT (Gibbs & Co.) from 1942 to 1944
Technical data:
Built by Caledon Shipbuilding & Eng. Co. Ltd., Dundee (Yard No. 394) May 1942
Engine information:
1 Steam T3Cyl, by North Eastern Marine Eng. Co. Ltd., Newcastle Speed 10.5 knots 105 Nhp
Original dimensions:
446.30 x 56.30 x 35.20
7,030 Grt 4,927 Net 10,430 Dwt
All dimensions are in Imperial
Completed as EMPIRE PRINCE for Ministry of War Transport (Gibbs & Co., managers.)
28.8.1942: In collision with British ship OCEAN VAGRANT in Belfast Lough. On passage from New York to Barry.
1944: Management transferred to Clan Line Steamers (Cayzer, Irvine & Co. Ltd.)
1945: Sold to Clan Line Steamers Ltd., London (Cayzer, Irvine & Co. Ltd., managers); renamed CLAN ANGUS.
9.1951: Boilers converted to burn oil fuel.
1956: Transferred to Bullard, King & Co. Ltd., London; renamed UMKUZI.
1959: Transferred to Clan Line Steamers Ltd. (Cayzer, Irvine & Co. Ltd., managers); renamed CLAN ANGUS.
1962: Sold to Japanese shipbreakers and arrived at Hirao for breaking up 22.4.1962.

Baltic Wal
6th September 2007, 12:52
Yes I do.


stan mayes
6th September 2007, 13:27
Hello Ian,
Thankyou for your reply..
I am very interested in knowing whose reports they are.
Is it possible to put on this SN thread?
Regards Stan..

stan mayes
15th September 2007, 23:00
Hello Ian,
May I remind you of your offer of help regarding survivors reports?
Regards stan.

Baltic Wal
18th September 2007, 08:57
Stan, sorry for the delay in responding but I have had to go to the UK.

Not sure of your question? These are the survivor reports made to the Trade division after an attack or sinking provided by the senior survivor. My aim at some time is to put them on a web site.

When I send them out it is nice to get a thank you though, then at least I know they have arrived.

stan mayes
18th September 2007, 09:54
Hello Baltic Wal,
I had asked if you had any survivors reports of the sinking of VIKING STAR on 25th Aug 1942...Thankyou for your second reply .Stan

Baltic Wal
18th September 2007, 19:37

I did respond, yes I have a Survivors report on the Viking Star. As I am still in the UK I couldn't say which Officer had written it.

Hugh Ferguson
18th September 2007, 19:59
Stan, There are 7 pages describing the loss of the VIKING STAR in the most excellent book by Taffrail, entitled BLUE STAR LINE, 1939/45.
If you do not happen to have this book let me know: I would be only too happy to copy some, if not all of those pages. And anyone else who is looking for information on this subject, give me a shout! Hugh.
P.S. One paragraph states:- "It was a lonely part of the coast of Sierra Leone; but after sundry vicissitudes McQuiston and all his men reached safety. Of those in the lifeboat the Chief Officer made particular mention of Mr F.Jones, Second Officer, and Able Seaman F.Mayes who set a fine example."

stan mayes
18th September 2007, 20:43
Hello Hugh,
Thankyou for offering to copy pages from Blue Star Line, 1939 -45 but I do have the book and indeed it is an excellent book as you say..
Many years ago a friend told me he had read it and saw that I had been awarded a commendation,this was news to me so I wrote to Blue Star Line..
They kindly sent me a complimentary book and informed me the commendation was made by the Chief Officer F.McQuiston as senior surviving officer for helping to sail the lifeboat..
It is mentioned in the book and also in the Statements that I believe Baltic Wal refers to..Regards Stan..

stan mayes
18th September 2007, 20:50
Hello Baltic Wal,
As you see in previous posting I have the statements made by C/O McQuiston on the loss of VIKING STAR and I presume they are the ones you have...So I thank you for your offer to send them but of course if they were made by another survivor I would like to have a copy...
Regards Stan..

stan mayes
18th September 2007, 21:05
Hello again Baltic Wal,
My pal Danny Griffin was in STARCROSS when she was torpedoed and sunk on 20th May 1941 - fortunately all crew were rescued..
He does not remember much about the incident..Do you have a report on the loss of that ship please..It would be nice if he could tell his family the details...Thanks - Stan.

6th January 2009, 20:23
Hello Stan,

I know this is an old thread, but seeing as you have not received a reply regarding the STARCROSS, I thought you maybe interested in the following.

There probably will be a survivors report from this ship.The files you would need to check are ADM 199/2137 covering May-July 1941.

By clicking on the following link and then the "request this link" you can order via the Digital Express Service for a cost of 8.50 for up to 10 pages of documents.

If you are not to keen on using this service Stan, send me an email and I will sort out this end for you no problem. As you may remember I have used this service for you previously.

stan mayes
6th January 2009, 23:51
Hello Billy
Thankyou for your kind offer.
Danny's daughter visited Kew last summer and gained the information about the loss of Starcross..
Regards Stan