tim frary
2nd September 2007, 14:18
iam looking for some coasters that came to wells in norfolk in the 70s which one of my brothers saild on the ships names all ways starterd with lady and were painterd blue .... thanks tim

2nd September 2007, 14:25

Does Thomas Watson (Shipping) Ltd Rochester ring a bell as their vessels were prefixed Lady

4th September 2007, 10:48
That would be them Gdynia, for Watsons boats had a blue hull.

There are some photos of them posted Tim, go to the gallery, and click the search, then specify coasters, enter a name, lady ----, and any available will come up.
Some of the names you search for;

Lady Sandra
== Sylvia
== Serena
== Sybilla
== Sarita
== Sheena
== Sophia

regards Kenny.

tim frary
5th September 2007, 01:20
thanks for your help kenny but i could not find lady sarita or serena in the gallery ....thanks tim

27th April 2013, 07:09
hi I was on the lady sarita back in 1966 ish as a galley boy,skipper was bill readypenny from hull.bob allen from chatham kent

14th May 2013, 14:39
Hi Bob. My name is Peter Jones..I was mate on the Lady Sarita

14th May 2013, 20:46
hi peter,was you on the lady sarita when bill redepenny was skipper,i joined the ship at Rochester pier as a galley boy,when we set sail for Holland the mate told me to cook some grub up ``a fry up``.lol anyway I got seasick and had to go and lay down the mate finished it all of and I went and laid down,is this you peter? as I cant recall the mate.s name.take care bob.

26th May 2013, 14:21
thanks to this site I am now reunited with peter jones who was the mate on the lady sarita when I joined the ship at Rochester pier in 1966 as a 16 year old galley boy.just cant believe it ,than you so much