30th March 2005, 10:25
Exclusive to Ships Nostalgia.
The largest vessel ever wrecked close inshore on the west coast of Anglesey North Wales, was the 5,146 gross ton, Warren Line 'Missouri', which ran ashore at Porth Dafarch, near Holyhead, on March 1st 1886, while carrying a mixed cargo of cattle, hides, palm-oil, 3,000 bales of cotton and 4,000 sacks of flour. A heavy snowstorm had reduced the surface visibility, causing navigation problems. The 'Missouri' was a large, iron screw-steamer but had four masts to provide sail assistance, or for use in an emergency. It was a fairly new vessel, having been built only five years earlier by G. Connell of Glasgow. The salvage vessel 'Hyena' was sent to help recover the cargo, but a heavy ground swell prevented diving operations. By March 12th, the 'Missouri' had fallen over on to her starboard side, and the masts were almost parallel to the surface of the sea. Hatches were cut into the sides of the vessel to allow access to the cargo holds. Amongst her complement were three stowaways, thankfully all on board were saved. Regards Tony.

30th March 2005, 23:37
Tony I have a sneeking feeling that you will come up with a few more exclusives in the near future lol .Tell

9th October 2005, 12:51
I live at the end of Porthdafarch road and never knew of this ship! Oh well, you live and learn! Are there any more that came to grief there? I ken that Porthdafarch was a port in the dim and distant past (hence the name)