Exeter Pilots

4th September 2007, 19:28
does anyone know what happened to the pilot cutter at exmouth? i think it was called NORMAN BEST. cant really remember as it was a long time ago.(Thumb)

5th September 2007, 00:28
I remember going into exmouth wit the Sand Martin. The pilot (an elderly gent in 1962) did a stirling job. there was a strong currant on our port side. we had to enter at full speed and go full astern as soon as we were in (giving it all we had)
he performed a grand docking manouver in the process. certainly knew his tides and currants that man did. Sorry I cant remember the pilot cutter though. old grey cells are not what they were.

10th December 2014, 15:28
I was one of the pilots at Exmouth when the dock closed down in 1990 I think it was. As far as I know, the Norman Best went to Arklow after being sold, although when I was there myself last summer, I looked around but did not see any sign of her. The Norman Best was a great little boat and was always used for pushing coasters into the berths when swinging inside the dock basin..... and then towing the ships off the berth to line up for the bridgeway, when it came to departure.