5th September 2007, 15:58
My Pc tells me that I have to sign on AGAIN to view the gallery. Is this correct or a malfunction.

K urgess
5th September 2007, 16:05
Shouldn't need to.
Sounds like your PC has got it's wotsits in a twist.
Try logging out completely and rebooting your PC.
If that doesn't work try contacting admin.

5th September 2007, 19:23
Thank you for a quick answer, not too happy about rebooting, think I will stick to signing on twice. R58

Bruce Carson
5th September 2007, 19:37
You may want to sign in and then go to the page on which you usually start, eg, the forum or gallery page.
Right click on the page and then click on "Create Shortcut" on the drop down window.
That puts a short cut icon on your Desktop. Leave it there or move it to your Taskbar.
You now are able to click on the shortcut and access SN without signing in.

Bruce C

5th September 2007, 19:40
Thank you Bruce have followed your advice, Now no problems. R58