Transfer of Outlook Express data

8th September 2007, 11:56
Having just had a serious collapse of my PC, I have
had to get a new one and in the process of setting
up Outlook Express, I am wondering how I can
transfer the Address Book to the new OE.
I can read the old Drive, and have been copying everything
off from the back-up External Drive and other data
from the old Drive.

I have a method of transferring all the stored emails across to the new OE,
but I cannot recognise any file that stores Address Book.
Any suggestions, please?
Best Wishes, Raymond

Hugh MacLean
8th September 2007, 12:17

Not sure if this will help, if you can read the old drive can you look here: C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data\Microsoft\Address Book folder

.wab file


8th September 2007, 12:31
Thanks Hugh - I apologise, I should have said the old PC
was operating under Windows ME, and the new one is
Windows XP. I can read the old drive quite well, and I
have recovered and transferred my "Favorites" to the
new Browser. That great loss has been avoided.
Transferring dbx files to new OE is done by creating
the correct folder name [ in Outlook Express ]
deleting it [ in Windows Explorer ]
and replacing it [in Windows Explorer ]
with the old and very important file from the old PC.
Best Wishes, Raymond

8th September 2007, 15:01
Are you sorted now Raymond? If not let us know what you are still missing and I will try and point you in the right direction.


8th September 2007, 16:12
Hello Brian ... I am still struggling to find just where the old
Address Book should be. It may have been one of those
Windows OS files that was corrupted. As I say, the Disc
is fully readable on those files that remain. I know the
long hard way as to how to do it, and that is to copy
across all the 90 "*.dbx" email folders, and to enter every
address by hand from the emails. I am not afraid of hard
work, but I have so much research to do and to write up.
Best Wishes, Raymond

Brian Dobbie
8th September 2007, 22:27
Not sure if this will help but here we go:-

Assuming you can access OE in your old computer then go to File/Export/Address book. Follow this and you can save to A drive, then transfer.

I back up my address book this way.

If your new computer doesn't have an A drive then save to desktop and burn to cd.


8th September 2007, 23:31
Thanks Brian (non-canine version) - I wish that I had done that
before ... I was unaware that it could be done. However, now
all I can do is to open the drive with my new PC, and that opens
the new version of OE, despite the fact that I am attempting
to open the old version from the old Drive. I have had a look
at the old Drive, with Drive Rescue - and I can see that 60%
of the Windows Files are either corrupted or Deleted. At least
I had made a copy of everything else on two external drives.
Pity that I had not done so with the Windows Files.
Another lesson learned the hard way.
Another file bytes the etherial dust. But that is the only problem
that I had, which actually is not that bad.
I have been using PCs since 1993, and I am still learning!!!
Best Wishes, Raymond