26th March 2004, 23:41

9th April 2005, 19:32
Andy.I joined this group on the 6th April 05 under the synonym,jb002c2894 and logged on to your jpg Queen Elizabeth,Ishould have said Hello from JimB then posed my Question,Re Propulsion Pods on the QM2, Did you sail with British India Nav co Ltd,
I sailed out on the AMRA in 1946, came back on the Aronda, did not stay long, in Hindsight my mistake,have regretted it ever since.
Regards Jim Brown

Bob S
30th September 2005, 19:14
British India’s educational cruise ship NEVASA sailing from Southampton.
Built 1956
20527 grt

Doug Rogers
30th September 2005, 22:00
Nice picture Robert but I always preferred her in her trooping colours.

alex page
7th April 2006, 02:16
I sailed on the Nevasa/GPQV as 3rd sparks , Master was Captain Reggie Bond and his parrot, on her maiden voyage bound for Singapore but due the sudden closure of the Suez canal we only went as far a Famagusta.
Alex Page

7th April 2006, 15:36
Old postcard which could be bought in every newsagent/s and card/souvenir shop on the South Coast between Bournemouth and the Isle of Wight showing her in troopship colours which I preferred also.

ronnie r
18th June 2006, 16:07
This pic taken by me aged 13 alongside at Lisbon circa june 67.
the ship sailed from Sunderland for Corunna,Tangier,Lisbon,and Zeebrugge.thence back to Sunderland, I wished to go to sea ,my Mother sent me on the cruise to see if id like it!!!

tom e kelso
12th July 2006, 20:07
Ronnie R,

And did you like it?

While I would be aboard with you, I cannot remember whether this was a Durham County, Sunderland Borough or Northumbria charter

Barrie Sanderson (of the s.s.UGANDA TRUST) would be pleased to hear from you at Tel: 01268 769583 or at

Barrie is compiling a book covering the life of s.s NEVASA, as a companion volume to that already published about s.s. UGANDA. He would welcome contributions from anyone who sailed in NEVASA, when she was either a troopship or latterly in school cruising



ronnie r
12th July 2006, 20:21
Hi Tom yeah i enjoyed it! . Ive already corresponded with Barrie regarding his book
i sent him a couple of pics months ago. I assumed the cruise was a Sunderland affair as all the schools aboard were local as i remember.

20th July 2006, 06:51
As a schoolboy, sailed on her in Oct. 1971. Southampton, Gibraltar, Bizerta, Malaga, Lisbon, Southampton. Incredible memories of that trip, that will always remain with me, Trev

1st August 2006, 10:39
. . . did that one in '72. Medi cruise: flew to Venice. Sailed to Piraeus, Alexandrai, Heraklion and then on to Naples, from where we flew home. Fantastic taster, although I still didn't really know then that I would go to sea for a career just two years later . . .

16th March 2007, 20:34
I was on an Educational Cruise on the Nevasa, May 1969, We sailed from Leith to Norway and Denmark, ( Andalsnes, Bergen and Copenhagen) My Dormitory was Dampier E3, and incidentally we won the Dormitory Prize of which I still own the winners badge. It was a wonderful cruise and in fact set the tone for my later life when I joined the Merchant Navy (Sailing with J&J Denholms for 6 years.)

28th September 2007, 21:45
I sailed on the Nevasa/GPQV as 3rd sparks , Master was Captain Reggie Bond and his parrot, on her maiden voyage bound for Singapore but due the sudden closure of the Suez canal we only went as far a Famagusta.
Alex Page
Hi Alex I sailed with Nevasa from 1957 to 1960 and I remember Reggie Bond well and his parrot could be quite an embarressment with its wolf whistle

29th September 2007, 22:25
Sailed on her when she was a troopship, around 1956 or 1957, would make me around 9 or 10. My father got posted to Singapore with the RAF. Landed at Gib, through the Suez, somewhere in India, Calcutta I think then Singapore

27th December 2007, 16:31
At 13 I wanted to be an airline pilot, but I did Southampton, Gibraltar, Ceuta, Sardinia, Elba & Livorno (for Pisa & Florence) on Nevasa in 1969 and changed my mind!!!! In 1972 I joined Bibby Line as a Deck Cadet.

Nevasa and I were born the same year in 1956!

Martyn Sutton

This pic taken by me aged 13 alongside at Lisbon circa june 67.
the ship sailed from Sunderland for Corunna,Tangier,Lisbon,and Zeebrugge.thence back to Sunderland, I wished to go to sea ,my Mother sent me on the cruise to see if id like it!!!

3rd July 2008, 06:03
1958 I sailed on the Nevasa to Singapore while doing my N/S in the Army some of the things I remember from that voyage were saltwater showers, deadilghts on port Holes for most of the voyage and when they were opened I'm sure we were standing at sea level and mile long queues for meals. Two years later I made the returned trip to the U.K. on the Oxfordshire, during this trip I got talking to one of the ships leckys. After two weeks in civy street I had to get away so wrote to several of the shipping company's and took one of the first options which turned out to be Blue Funnel line, so you could say those two ships changed the rest of my life. No regrets.....Al

3rd July 2008, 08:32
. . . did that one in '72. Medi cruise: flew to Venice. Sailed to Piraeus, Alexandrai, Heraklion and then on to Naples, from where we flew home. Fantastic taster, although I still didn't really know then that I would go to sea for a career just two years later . . .
Jon i have to ask is that h.m.s. Worcester on your profile i was in her in 1957 as a galley boy if it is her and you where in her it must have been at the end of her time all the best

3rd July 2008, 12:29
Hi Durango, yes I was indeed on Worcester right at the end of her time. There are many lads on this site who were also on her - quite a few probably at the same time as you.

All the best

4th July 2008, 19:43
I sailed on the Nevasa from Hong Kong to Southampton in December 1956 having been held back due to the Suez Crisis. I believe this was the Nevasa's first voyage to hong Kong. The attached is a postcard I bought on board and sent to a pal who still had a couple of months to do in HK

12th July 2008, 08:49
Hi Durango, yes I was indeed on Worcester right at the end of her time. There are many lads on this site who were also on her - quite a few probably at the same time as you.

All the best
Jon As i said Jon i was only realy a spud basher on the Worcester but it was a way for an under age boy to get away to sea best wishes .

22nd July 2008, 15:39
It seems that the Nevasa is responsible for enticing many youngsters to sea. I also had my first experience of ship board life on her. It was, again, an educational cruise from Swansea to Leningrad via Visby, the Keil Canal and Copenhagen (probably not in that order but it was an awfully long time ago) It really did influence my future career as, after serving 3 years in the South Wales Constabulary I finally succumbed and joined P & O on the Oronsay for a satisfying career. I look back fondly on the old girl.

7th October 2008, 14:06
Hi all,
I'm new to this site, but have always enjoyed anything to do with ships and the sea. I sailed on an educational cruise on the Nevasa sometime between 1968 and 1969. All I remember is that we sailed from Liverpool to Bergen and Oslo, went through the Kiel canal, visited Copenhagen and Amsterdam. I remember the captain announcing that we were in a gale force 9 in the North sea and that the ship's stabilisers were in use, many school children sea sick, especially on entering the food hall and smelling the fried breakfast; thankfully I did not have a problem with seasickness and found the rough weather experience quite exciting. We came across the Nevasa's sister ship somewhere off the Orkneys. The ship's tannoy announced that she was carrying a group of pensioners and that would be her final cruise before she was scrapped. Anyone know the name of that ship or, perhaps were you on the Nevasa during that cruise?

tom e kelso
7th October 2008, 15:57

DUNERA and DEVONIA, while not "sisterships" of NEVASA were also British Inda LIne ships employed in Educational Cruising. Both were sold for breaking up in November and December 1967 respectively, so I wonder if you have got the year correct? In late August 1967/early September, one or other could very well have been in the vicinity of the Orkneys, on the annual National Trust for Scotland cruise. (Correctly, of her 600 odd passengers, both cabin and dormitory class, many would have qualified for their "bus pass" but always a very active and enthusiastic crowd., and great fun!) At this time UGANDA was being converted for Educational Cruising and she would have been doing the NTS charter in the late summer of 1968, but she then still had another 16 years of service ahead of her.

If you are interested, book devoted to NEVASA is due to be published very shortly in the late autumn.


7th October 2008, 18:25

Thank you very much for your quick response to my posting. Your reply has jogged my memory - it was indeed the DEVONIA that we passed on the NEVASA that day in the Orkneys. You are also probably right that the cruise I went on was in 1967 as I left school to start work, (as a landlubber! ), in early December 1969 at 16 years of age.

I would be interested in the forthcoming book about the Nevasa. Do you know the title and /or the author's name so that I may watch-out for it please?


tom e kelso
12th October 2008, 17:01
Barrie Sanderson is the author. A soon as he lets me have the published details I'll promulgate them on this website.



PS: We were probably together onthat NEVASA cruise!

11th December 2008, 14:25
Sailed on Nevasa in 1968 (or maybe 69) from Liverpool - school trip St. George's Middle School in Wallasey. Sailed to Funchal, Madeira then on to Oran. Then to Cadiz. As the ship sailed (at night) from Cadiz bound for Lisbon I remember waking up suddenly because the engines had stopped. There was a problem with the engines which resulted in us being towed back to Cadiz where we spent an extra day or two instead of going to Lisbon. All the kids cheered as the Captain announced this over the tannoy because we had enjoyed ourselves in Cadiz and didn't really care about going to Lisbon. The story was picked up by (amongst others) the Liverpool Echo - I still have the newspaper cutting about schoolchildren on stricken ship.

The cruise was a fantastic experience. I remember our Master at Arms - a guy called Snowy White. Anyone else remember him? Also the food was fantastic. Only unpleasant thing was loads of kids being sick as we crossed Bay of Biscay.

I still have a project I wrote when we came back and of course my logbook.

Very sad that the ship was scrapped.

11th January 2009, 21:32
What memories,
I sailed on the SS Nevasa in either '69 or '70 at the tender young age of 16, our cruise was to West Africa out of Southampton calling in at Dakar-Senagal, Accra - Ghana, Monrovia - Liberia, Freetown - Sierra Leone and finally ending at Las Palmas - Gran Canaria flying back to Manchester & landing @ 4 am.
The cruise has had a profound effect on my life in many, many ways.
I remember Snowy White as he actually lived about a quarter of a mile away from me, I have still got a number of photos & will post them when I have some time, they are photos on the bridge & of 3 very dishy engineers & of the ship herself.
Will try & post them up over the next couple of weeks

David Hedges
17th January 2009, 21:35
I came across the ss Nevasa whilst researching my Great Uncle Lt. Edward Hopkinson MC who had the dubious distinction of serving the shortest time in the trenches of any in his regiment when the 1/8th Sherwood Foresters entered the line for the first time on 15th March 1915, near Ploegsteert Belgium. He was shot in the right hip as the regiment approached the trenches and was evacuated to No. 2 General Hospital in le Havre. He embarked on ss Nevasa on 1 April 1915. She was then a hospital ship. He rejoined the regiment in October. He won the MC but unfortunately was killed in 1917.

21st February 2009, 23:42
Barrie Sanderson is the author. A soon as he lets me have the published details I'll promulgate them on this website

Any further news on when this book is coming out?

tom e kelso
22nd February 2009, 07:39
Re Barrie Sanderson's NEVASA book.

I am not quite sure what the delay is but while he is still apparently adding to the manuscript (we had an internet discussion about consecutive Chief Engineers on the ship only last week) it remains on the point of going to print with printers arranged.

Rest assured I shall publicise it on this page as soon as I get the word from Barrie.



tom e kelso
13th March 2009, 20:58
Mike (Spansun) et al.


Have just heard (14.03.09) from the author, Barrie Sanderson that the book is now receiving its final proof-reading. It will then go to the printers who will provide some finished copies for final checking with full printing in about 6 weeks'. time

328 pages including 24 colour sides -about 50 colour pictures. There are also B & W pix on most pages, except in the Appendix.

The price will be £30 INCLUDING p & p. (Barrie comments that the postage element is quite "severe" for a largish book, and that for his previous publication, " UGANDA", [which is a bit heavier than NEVASA] is now over £7 for postage!

Will revert when printed and available



13th March 2009, 21:13
I did a search for UGANDA as I thought this thread was very interesting reading the posts from those who both worked on the NEVASA and from those who cruised on her.

Is there a similiar site for the UGANDA. I went on her as a 13 yr old for a school cruise from Northumberland, flew from Gatwick to Venice, then sailed to Greece, Italy & Gib. before coming back into Southampton and catching the train back to Newcastle.

2nd May 2009, 13:20
Hi Tom and Spansun:

I can throw some light on those few moments when Nevasa passed Devonia at a considerable rate of knots off Scotland.

It was on September 3rd, 1967 and the incident took place in the Sound of Lorn, between the Isle of Mull and the coast of Argyll. Nevasa was on her way to Bergen from Liverpool and we were heading up to Stornaway and the St Kilda island group to see the gannets. We'd just circumnavigated Iona because the weather was too bad to go ashore.

I'd already been working for some time as an SOA (School Office Assistant) on Nevasa but on this occasion I was actually on Devonia, having been seconded by the National Trust for Scotland to assist with the interpreting for a large number of French students I'd accompanied all the way up from Southend airport, just after finishing a Nevasa cruise (Western Mediterranean) at Tilbury. The mixture of young French students, unaware of the climate of the Western Isles in October and elderly Scottish birdwatchers heading out to St Kilda was an uneasy one, to say the least.

But that's another story. Fortunately I did take some quite dramatic photographs of Nevasa steaming imperiously past us and sent them to Barrie as part of my contribution to the Nevasa book.

I'd better not pre-empt anything which Barrie has decided to put in the book before publication but with any luck one or other of the pictures will appear in it.

Thanks for reminding me of a memorable incident - that's what ships' nostalgia is all about!

tom e kelso
6th June 2009, 17:20
6th June, Ian WHD et al,
And I am still waiting to hear from Barry! That said, I'm sure it will be worth waiting for!


8th June 2009, 22:31
Barrie tells me the book is being printed, Tom.

tom e kelso
30th June 2009, 18:56
Just to draw the attention of those previously interested, details of the just published book recording the life and times of NEVASA can now be found in the "Books, Magazines & Publications" section of SN qv



25th August 2009, 22:46
Hello Spansun,

I was on the Scandinavian cruise aboard the SS Nevasa in 1969. We were from a school in the West Midlands and boarded at Tilbury Docks before proceeding anti-clockwide around the British coast and then on to Bergen, Oslo, Stockholm and Amsterdam (I think!) I too remember the gale force 9 episode in the North Sea! I also remember not being sea-sick although many of my friends were! I must be very sad, but I remember with great fondness, the scrambled eggs on fried bread we had for breakfast. For years afterwards I tried to recreate it but never succeeded. I would love to meet the ships chef! Although I was only thirteen at the time, I remember being completely entralled by everything about that cruise. I was never quite sure of the year but I do remember the ships disco playing Mony Mony and that was released in 1969. My fondest memories are of the breathtaking scenery in the Norwegian Fjords, the fish market, Edvards Greigs house, the Viking museum and the Thor Heyerdahl expedition. Being chased by geese in Copenhagen Park, paying 17s 6d to replace my missing toothbrush! The regatta I was too chicken to take part in, and the fair which I think was in Amsterdam. Wonderful memories of a wonderful time aboard a beautiful ship. Pity she is still not around for my neice and nephew to experience. Instead they went to New York shopping and Canada skiing instead. Not the same is it?


13th September 2009, 11:41
As a school kid, I sailed on the Nevasa in December 1974. We started at Naples, then sailed on to Athens, going as far as the Harbour entrance in Alexandria before we had to turn back due to the stormy weather. We then sailed to Knossos, Malta, Tunis, finally disembarking at Tangeirs.

I remember when we left Alexandria, one of the school kids had disappeared. Everyone thought she had fallen overboard but she was later found unconscious in a cupboard.

I still have the record "Where in the World" which was sold in the onboard shop. It's signed by the guy who ran the shop "John Charles" Anyone remember him?

3rd January 2010, 19:33
I booked a 7 day cruise on Nevasa sailing from Southampton to Oporto, Vigo and La Rochelle. I received a letter from BI saying I could do the cruise in reverse sailing from Liverpool on Uganda. As it meant an extra day at sea for the same money, I accepted. My love for Uganda as remained with me forever. I made further voyages on Uganda, never Nevasa.
By the way the book is out now.

2nd October 2010, 20:47
Only just found this site,allways liked ships but my only 'experience' of going to sea was two fantastic weeks on Nevasa. April '71 flew Gatwick to Venice where we loaded thence to Pireuas (with a brief visit to Navarino Bay ? on the way, then Heraklion,Bizerta,Naples, Leghorn (for the flight back from Pisa). Think it cost about £70 !!!
I remember Snowy (master at arms ?) said he only went ashore in Northern Europe.
A brilliant memorable trip on a smashing ship.
I wish my kids could have been able to experience such an adventure.i

Ian J. Huckin
10th January 2011, 22:41
Sailed on her from Southampton to Portugal, Malta, Alexandria and think we flew back from Venice. I'm thinking about 1964.

Met twin sisters from Fleet, Hants and had a rare old time, especially as I continued to see them when we got back home!!!!

A bunch of us got into trouble after punching small lead bungs out of our dorm bulkhead which gave us a view into one of the female dorms bathroom. Learned a lot that trip!

Roger Blassberg
27th March 2012, 09:26
I was on the Hampshire schools Nevasa cruise to Lisbon, Naples, Greek Islands, Athens and Venice in November 1970. Wonderful memories with many friends, one of whom eventually became my wife eight years later. Nice to see (rather grainy) cine film of that very cruise on YouTube. What an elegant looking ship she was (Nevasa that is, not the wife!) .

We were in a dormitory (Anson??) where there was a sliding watertight door, opened by a handle that turned a rack and pinion arrangement; on the other side was a girls' dormitory, so we decided to open the door. Needless to say there was an indicator on the bridge to show that the door had been opened and we were rather quickly "taken in hand" by the dreaded Master at Arms. Lucky not to be keelhauled or flogged.

Best wishes


6th February 2014, 21:44
Hi, Spansun et al,

Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but have only just found it.

I think I was on the same 1967 cruise which passed the Devonia. I recall it as being somewhere south of Tobermory. I recall the Tannoy saying that it was her last trip before being taken out of service. I was with a large group of school parties from North Wales, sailing from Liverpool, and was in Blake dorm, right in the bows of the ship.
Don't remember St. Kilda at all, just very rough through the night as we rounded Cape Wrath. First stop Bergen, where we berthed in front of the Jupiter/Black Prince. Trips out to visit the aquarium and Edvard Griegs house, and the Stave Kirk.
Were supposed to stop at Kristiansand for a regatta, but it was too rough, so carried on to Oslo (Fram and Vigeland sculpture park).
Then on to Copenhagen for the little mermaid, Tivoli Gradens and unofficially, Nyhavn!
Finally through the Kiel Canal to Amsterdam and the Dam Square.
Remember the Tannoy playing Rule Brittania, and A Life on the Ocean Wave as we left port.
A very educational trip for an impressionable 15 year old, in more ways than one!

Brian McCarthy
10th February 2014, 21:33
I went to The Royal Hospital School, Holbrook (for the sons of seamen) and the 2nd year kids went on a cruise each year I went on the Nevasa around the Medi in December 68 the previous year went on the Devonia.

Brian McCarthy
10th February 2014, 21:37
There were some interesting pics and a bit of an article featuring Nevasa in West Africa a couple of months ago, Ships Monthly or Sea Breezes I think

23rd August 2016, 19:18
Sorry to bring up a old thread!

My grandfather sailed on this ship from England (Southampton?) - Hong Kong in 1956/1957 for National Service. They went via South Africa due to the Suez Crisis. Was anyone else on this journey? His name was Michael Pugh.