Gallery Image Enhancement

11th September 2007, 13:13
This morning I was captivated by a gallery input by Grahme of Blue Funnel's Jason and another unknown astern at Port Melbourne in 1952, picture taken with a box brownie and 55 years later showing it's age.
Most people shy off image enhancement progs because of their complexity but how many know that such progs are available in simplistic easy to use format and free of charge from Jessops just by paying for a transfer of images from digi camera to cd. The copy cd comes complete with Jessops "Picture Manager."
With kind permission of Grahme, here is a before and after using Jessop's freebie, not perfect by a long shot but took less than a minute to enhance.

11th September 2007, 13:40
There are a couple I use - one is free with Google which is Picasa and the other is Photoimpression, this came with my printer. Amazing what you can do with an old picture or 35mm slides.

12th September 2007, 00:38
I find that "XN View" is pretty god for this as well and so simple to use. Also it is a free download off the net