The dangers of woman in Bangkok.

ian keyl
18th September 2007, 20:19
Whilst on the jungle run on the Benkitlan we had the usual entertaining stay in Bangkok, on this occassion a young green geordie 7th engr got pissed and besoted by a bright wise Thai girl as the bangkok monkey started to work on his brain he decided to bring her back to the ship via the main gates at Klong Toey and no way were the police going to let him bring her into the dock.
So he tried futher down the road where he tried to bundle her across the top of the security fence, story had it from him a week later he sat on top of the fence and tried to pull her up and over.
I had seen this engr stagger up the gangway and i waited in antisipation near the top in case he toppled off .
I was on nights and we had just stopped for breakfast and the foreman was up the road getting my chow wrapped in a banana leaf.I walked around the deck then came up into the accomodation from the after end and could still hear a bit of noise in the bar at the ford end.

I walked in and there were a few straglers still there including the engr, as i had a pint I was standing back from the bar and i noticed a pool of blood on the floor under the bar stool this lad was sitting.
I asked him what he had done but he was not on this planet and could'nt remember anything, I looked at his leg and his trousers were stuck with congealed blood to his leg but there was a slash in his trousers which exposed a very deep and nasty cut in his calf.

Peter Murphy the mate and i carted him down to the ships hospital room and examined his leg. We called the agent but they said if an ambulance comes from the main hospital it will incur the police so they were going to try a small private mission run place which would send a van and nurse for him.

Pete and I patched him up best we could and put in eight stiches which did not need any Knockout drops .He didnt even know we were doing it but we had to as it was pretty evident he had lost a lot of blood. Hi leg just looked like a leg of lamb cut open with some blue sinues showing through the flesh.
The team turned up and I had to go with them to promise we would not bring any police into the case, they kept in over night and said he was very luckj her nearly lost the use of his leg as the cut was so deep into the muscles.
The ironic thing of this story was the the doctor was an elderly Polish lady who had been a surgeon the HMS Rodney ?Nelson ? ( I am not sure) which I think was sunk close to Singapore .
She had worked and lived in Thailand since the end of the war as she was rescused by Thai fishermen from the sinking of another British war ship.
When the lad came back on board he spoke very highly of this doctor and all the staff there and had vowed to them he would not get involved with Thai girls again. ( i wonder if he ever kept that promise) .

Next story the deep tanks on the BenWyvis in Port Swettenham .

So what was more dangerous the monkey or the girls.?
Rgds Ian.

18th September 2007, 22:46
Bet this lad still has a scar from that night and maybe can't remember how he got it.;)

Maybe a member of this site? Anybody want to confess?


Frank P
18th September 2007, 23:06
On one visit to Bangkok when I was onboard the Norwegian tanker M/T Norsk Viking there was a motorman who fell for one of the girls, after we had sailed from Bangkok a few of the crew were having a drink on the poop deck and this motorman decided that he wanted to go back to Bangkok, and to the disbelief of everybody there, he stood on one of the bollards and jumped over the side, we were already a good way down the river and it was very wide. He was not seen again, we had to pack all his belongings and they were put ashore in Singapore ready to be sent back to Norway.


Tom Haywood
18th September 2007, 23:25
We had a similar jumper on the Piako during our stint on the MANZ run. We had this fellow who had a passion for jumping over the side while we were transiting the Panama Canal. First time he was returned to the ship at Charleston at a great expence to the company. The second time he never returned, fate unknown.

20th September 2007, 19:01
So what was more dangerous the monkey or the girls.?
Rgds Ian.

I reckon one led to the other!!!! Although the bottle my boss had stashed away in the lifeboat transmitter locker to add to the 8pm cuppa for the homeward bound trip on the Benhope at the end of '71 was a welcome tot.



ian keyl
21st September 2007, 14:15
Hi Steve, You refer to the benhope 71 era was that the cargo liner or was it the bulker which Ben added to the fleet, If it was the old ex Egidia was George Reid still old man and was Jimmy MacIntosh from Broughty Ferry still C/o, I think John Line was mate and Peter Anelli 2/o. She was a hot ship and i used to sleep on deck sometimes as you could hardly get any air into the cabins even with a funnel in the porthole,the lifeboats used to restrickt the air flow.
Rgds Ian.