Engineering Tickets

Roger Bentley
20th September 2007, 14:59
I have a 1931 copy of the Naval Engineerng Review for July 1931. In the back is a copy of the examinations for the rank of Acting Mate (E) this seems to require a high level of knowledge consisting of several papers each requiring two and a half hours to complete, they were Mathematics, Applied Mechanics, General Science A and B, Engineering parts 1 and 2 and finally Heat and Steam. I have posted the details on the RN threads but so far no one has been able to enlighten me as to what the rank of Mate (E) was. How would such a syllabus for an exam compare with the requirements for MN engineers' tickets? Incidentally this 76 year old journal had details and pictures of the Reina Del Pacifico engine room, she was launched in that year! Salaams, Roger