barque Polynesian anyone have any information?

27th September 2007, 19:12
does any one have any information of the barque Polynesian?

30th September 2007, 14:16
Short! St.

4th July 2008, 04:14
does any one have any information of the barque Polynesian?

The following is for a barque called Polynesian. I am not sure that this is the vessel you are enquiring about. Perhaps you might get back to me if it looks right. I would be grateful for any information, corrections, etc that you or others would care to suggest.

Best regards

Name: Polynesian
Later names {also Sail or Rego or Fishing No}:Venturosa-a98b02b09 Santos Amaral-a09b14
Material: Iron
Rig: Barque Rig changes & identification codes: <UNKNOWN>
Type: <UNKNOWN> Propulsion: Sail
Designer: <UNKNOWN>
Year built: 1876/06 Yard or Job No: 107
Builder: Duncan, R. &Co
Where built: Port Glasgow, UK
Engines: <UNKNOWN or N/A>
Boilers/Gearing: <UNKNOWN or N/A><UNKNOWN or N/A>
Official Number: 73838 IMO Number: 0
Dimensions (ft)—Length: 197.5 Breadth: 32.599998 Depth: 19.4
Volumetric ‘tonnage’ measurements (1 ton = 100 cubic ft):
Gross: 920 Underdeck: 806 Net: 864
Decks: 1Dk 2trB Deck Erections: P31' F34'
Number of funnels &location: <UNKNOWN or N/A> Number of bulkheads: 1
Tanks, etc: 8" Freeboard: 3' 8˝"
Stem: <UNKNOWN> Figurehead: <UNKNOWN> Stern: <UNKNOWN>
PORTS and owners: GLASGOWb80b85 Renton &Co: b90b98 Thomson, Dickie &Co: '?? J.& A.Roxburgh(?): OPORTO,PORTUGALb02 J.N.Pinto &J.D.d'Oliveira: b09 J.N.Pinto Successores: b14 Santos, Amaral &Ca (in liq.)
Fate/Status— Year: <UNKNOWN> Type: <UNKNOWN> Details: Not in L19
History and details: Mdepth 20' 10" by L98. 910g/861n by L09.
References (see L80,85,90,98,02,09,14:Lub1?
Research notes:

26th November 2012, 23:29
I may have some information. What do you wish to know?

Jan Hendrik
27th November 2012, 01:39
Picture from State Library of Victoria.

Reinaldo Delgado
13th December 2012, 13:11
to Appleby,
Yes I have informations and photos from her dated 1909
If I am not wrong she was lost inside the port of Leixoes (Portugal) by 1911
Please send me your mail address to give you the complete answer with her
las details.
Reinaldo Delgado (