Milton Steamship Lamport & Holt

5th October 2007, 19:37
I would like to know any information about the british steamship Milton , 2679 tons.
It Lost in Portugal on 1911, all information will be welcome.



K urgess
5th October 2007, 20:12
Could this ( be the one?


5th October 2007, 20:15
Hi David,

Hope this helps

IDNo: 1093812
Year: 1888
Launched: 24.8.88
Cargo ship
Date of completion: 10.88
Flag: GBR
Tons: 2679
Yard No: 337
LPP: 94.5
Beam: 12.0
Builder: Henderson
Location of yard: Meadowside
Owner as Completed: Liverpool, Brazil & River Plate S.N.Co Ltd (Lamport & Holt )

Wrecked near Espichel 15.6.11

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K urgess
5th October 2007, 20:17
Snap, Chris.
Except I'm too lazy to type it all out.[=P]


5th October 2007, 20:18
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K urgess
5th October 2007, 20:24
Bet you didn't know she was on passage from London to Santos when she was wrecked![=P]

5th October 2007, 20:49
Hi Kris,

No I didnt know but it had to be didnt it (LOL)

Cant find any more information on her. The Ships List has her down as being scrapped in 1910 which is obviously wrong. She is listed there under the Liverpool, Brazil and river Plate Steam Navagation Company / Societe de Nav. Royale Belge Sud-Americaine / Lamport and Holt Line.

When you look under Lamport & Holt Line she is not listed.



K urgess
5th October 2007, 20:57
The only other bit is from Paul Heaton's book -
"The Milton sailed from Liverpool on her maiden voyage to Buenos Aires on October 2nd, 1888, and when leaving the latter port in November was superficially damaged in a collision with the Lamport & Holt vessel Archimedes. The Archimedes was seriously damaged, but re-entered service following repairs."

5th October 2007, 21:00
Thanks Kris, there was a very good article in Sea Breezes on the history of L+H but I dont have a copy, she may be mentioned there.


5th October 2007, 21:18
Hi Maximus and Kris,

Just remembered, go to this site and it contains some more info on the Milton

if you go to this site :-

there is a complete history of Lamport & Holt including the time you and I were there Kris. (Smoke)

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K urgess
5th October 2007, 21:25
Well found, Chris.
I noted the picture of the first ship to bear the name of the best passenger/cargo ship the world has ever seen!
This is the same PM Heaton that wrote the book I quoted from and contains much the same information. I hadn't realised he was another Sea Breezes author.


5th October 2007, 21:32
There is reference to the Milton being involved in a rescue on the first site in an incident on October 16, 1908, the Velasquez northbound from Buenos Aires to new York, via Brazil, ran aground on rocks between Ponta Das Selas and Ponta Das Maxilhoes, near Santos, during fog and high seas. Passengers took to the life-boats where they remained until dawn, when then they were put ashore on the beach called Praia dos Vellosos.

The Milton, arrived the same day at Santos from Antwerp, and was sent to search for her, and when located on October 17, the Velasquez was heeled over to starboard with her stern awash. The Milton not having received any response to repeated blasts on her siren, commenced a search, and it was some time later that the passengers and crew were located on the beach.

All were taken on board the Milton, and she returned to the Velasquez where an attempt was made to salvage the passengers' baggage. The Milton returned to Santos on the night of October 19-20. The Velasquez was given up as a total loss and fortunately there were no casualties amongst the passengers or crew

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6th October 2007, 10:54

Here's a little on the MILTON from The Times:

Saturday, Jun 17, 1911
The Marine Insurance Market
Another Steamer Stranded On The Portuguese Coast
On Monday night Messrs. P. Henderson and Co.'s
liner BHAMO stranded near Peniche, and yesterday
the steamer MILTON, of the well-known Lamport and
Holt Line, was also reported to be ashore on the coast
of Portugal. The MILTON left Antwerp on June 3
and London a week later for Lisbon and Brazil,
and stranded at Albufeira, near Cape Espichel, during
a fog, while making for the Portuguese port. The
MILTON is a vessel of 2,679 tons, built in 1888, and
valued at 10,000. Her cargo, which was to have
been completed at Lisbon, now consists of 2,700 tons
of general goods, including railway and mining
material and cement, which may be estimated roughly
as worth 30,000. A tug has been sent to the vessel
from Lisbon.


6th October 2007, 13:10

In relation to the same steamer, the lucky escape of a Danish seaman, Henrick Anderson, after falling overboard:

The Times, Monday, Jan 09, 1911
Lost Sailor Picked Up In Mid Ocean
The steamship Milton recently arrived at Boston,
when her master, Captain Egan, reported that a
Danish seaman named Henrick Anderson, of Copen-
hagen, whom he shipped at Buenos Aires, had dis-
appeared early one morning while at sea, and though
search was made no trace of him could be found. It
now appears that the man was picked up by another

Captain R. C. Young, master of Messrs. W. G.
Morel and Co.'s steamer Nolisement, in a letter to
his owners which has just been received, gives par-
ticulars of a rescue at sea effected by his vessel when
outward bound from Barry to Buenos Aires. One
morning about 6.30 a.m. when the steamer was about
50 miles from St. Vincent he passed the steamer
Milton homeward bound from the Plate. At 9.30
that morning the quartermaster reported that he
could see what looked like a man swimming ahead
and making signals to the ship. The captain quickly
got his glasses and made out the figure of a man in
the water. Every now and then the swimmer
raised his arm and made frantic signals to the steamer.
The vessel's course was altered and the man picked
up. He had been in the water for five and a half
hours and was almost exhausted.

The rescued man, who is 22 years of age, could not
speak English, but on board the Nolisement there
was a man who was able to interpret his story. He
stated that he was a seaman on board the Milton,
and that at 4 o'clock that morning he was sitting on
the vessel's rail when the ship gave a sudden roll,
and he was thrown overboard. His disappearance
was evidently not noticed, and in great anguish of
mind he saw the Milton disappear in the distance.
However, he did not lose heart but started swimming
steadily in the hope that he would be picked up.
His greatest fear was of sharks, and more than once
one of these monsters came close to him and was
only scared away by his vigorous splashing.


6th October 2007, 13:11
Thank you for your help, Kris, Chris and Martin.
Any of you, know if exist official report respecting the loss of the Milton or if the cargo was saved ?



8th October 2007, 14:49
The SEA BREEZES mention are 1977
Part 1 JUNE, p 381 - 395
Part 2 JULY p 451 - 469 p456 for Milton
Part 3 AUGUST p 518 - 533
Part 4 SEPTEMBER p 589 - 597

8th October 2007, 17:14
Hello David JM
could you send me the information that you had find of the Milton?


8th October 2007, 18:44

Go to

Its all there


8th October 2007, 19:50
Thanks David
Santos gave me the same information few days ago.
I would like to know more information about the Milton when it wrecks, it's position, the recovery of it's cargo etc.
Thanks at all.