"No Longer Required" by Bill Linskey

Steve Hodges
5th October 2007, 22:13
Just finished this book, sub-titled " My war in the merchant marine". This is the recollections of a Geordie-Irish stoker who first went to sea just before WW2. He was torpedoed twice, once in the Atlantic and once on a Russian convoy, and ended up "lost" in Russia for a while.Eventually discharged for a string of loggings due to drink and mental health problems. This is a "warts and all" story of a young man who was by his own account a real handful. Not often that we see the wartime story of someone from the black gang, and therefore recommended.(Thumb)
He has some very strong views on the treatment of merchant seamen during the war, which others may share.
Published by Pisces Press 1999, ISBN 0 9537285 0 1

K urgess
5th October 2007, 22:41
Just bought a copy of this and looking forward to a good read.
Unfortunately I'll have to wait until the post people settle their argument before I get it.

6th October 2007, 14:45
I had contact with Bill Linskey a few years back. Sadly he Crossed the Bar 22nd August 2006

26th October 2007, 18:49
Excellent book, well worth the read - and yes, it shows the not often advertised treatment of the MN during tghe war.


Roger Griffiths
29th October 2007, 00:58
In my opinion the best two books concerning the war at sea 1939-1945 are Bill's and The Story of a U-Boat NCO 1940-1946 by Wolf Hirschfeld as told to Geoffrey Brooks. ISBN1-55750-372-9
Read them both to get a true understanding of the conflict from both sides of the coin.