Loss of steamer Prince Soltykoff, 1891

6th October 2007, 22:05
I happened to notice the following in The Times looking for something else:

The Times, 17 Dec 1891
Disasters At Sea
Messrs. Guiret and Co., Cardiff, yesterday received
the following telegram announcing the total loss of
their vessel, Prince Soltykoff, from the British Consul
at Brest:- "Reported total loss of the Prince
Soltykoff off Porsal Rocks. All hands said to be lost
except one, rumoured to be the master." From a
later telegram, however, it appears that the survivor
was the chief mate, who is already on his way back
to Cardiff. The Prince Soltykoff left Barry with
coals for St. Nazaire on Friday last, with the
following crew of 19:- Stanley H. Flindt, Cardiff,
master; J. Redcliffe, Barry Dock, second mate;
Hugh Rees, Cardiff, chief engineer; W. Downes
Young, Cardiff, second engineer. Able seamen :-
Frederick Hocking, Barry Dock; Edward Catley,
Barry Dock; James Cargill, Cardiff; D. Evans, E.
Ro?ve, and J. Federson. Firemen :- Wallace Long,
Cardiff; W. Wilmsley, Cardiff; G. Wilson, and A.
Haufman. D.D. Williams, Cadoxton, carpenter;
T. Kelk, chief mate; A. Prendergast, steward; A.
Brownsell, boatswain; and C. Lawrence, donkeyman.
The Prince Soltykoff was a steamer of 894 tons.
She was built in Newcastle in 1874 by Messrs.
Schlemger, Davies, and Co., and was engined by
Messrs. Black, Hawthorn, and Co., of Newcastle, her
horse power being 130.

I notice Miramar (http://www.miramarshipindex.org.nz/ship/show/304105?page=1&shipname=&IDNo=41626&search_op=OR&number=) gives a higher tonnage.


25th April 2012, 13:14
Prince Soltykoff
Registered in Cardiff 1874
Registration Number 70272
Crew lists for the voyages in the latter half of 1874 available to view at Glamorgan Archives