Pardoe-Thomas & Co

8th October 2007, 20:40
I came accross some information on the Pardoe-Thomas fleet only to realise that the web is rather poor on info on this company.
I understand that in 1934 the fleet came in the hands of the Lyle Shipping, probably due to the economic recession.

I found that they operated (all?) their ships under the banner of the Ottoman Line Ltd. How come they came to use this unusual name for a Welsh firm?

I also found that in the late-20s they started to name their ships witht the prefix "Knight of" which was previously used by the Knight S.S. Co (sold in 1917 to Alfred Holt). Any ideas why the changed their naming nomenclature to this one?

9th October 2007, 00:02
Have you read the pdf at
also see
Bob Sanders list ships of the Ottoman Line
Best Wishes, Raymond

9th October 2007, 06:44
treeve, thanks for the links.
The story of Knight Steamship was interesting but I don't see any connection with Pardoe-Thomas except that they both used the same naming pattern for their ships.
Concerning Federal SN, I could'nt find something relating to Pardoe-Thomas, am I missing something?

thanks, aris

9th October 2007, 12:13
Is the pdf writing about another Knight SSCo ?

Federal had eg Middlesex ex Knight Bachelor owned by Knight SS Co. Is this not the same fleet?
Also National Steam Navigation Co chartered Knight Bachelor from Knight SS Co. refers to Knight SS Co ship.

Also Palm Line and Scindia Line bought ships from Pardoe Thomas.

Book written covers Pardoe Thomas as well as other Welsh Fleets, JT DUNCAN, etc.,
Welsh Shipping - Forgotten Fleets, P. M. Heaton, Starling, 1989.

Pardoe Thomas managed ships as well as being owners, from what I have gathered.

Best Wishes, Raymond

9th October 2007, 17:37
Knight SS Co was owned by Greenshields, Cowie & Co and apparently had no connection with Pardoe-Thomas & Co who owned Ottoman Line.

Just to clarify things, my questions refer to the Pardoe-Thomas fleet.

9th October 2007, 18:16

So the book will be the best bet,
All Best, Raymond

10th October 2007, 12:41
Hi Aris

There is also a mention of Pardoe-Thomas in "British Ocean Tramps - Vol.2 Owners and their ships" by P.N.Thomas and published by Waine Research. ISBN 0 905184 14 9.

If you send me a PM with your e-mail address I can scan and send your the relevent extract. (you too Raymond, if your interested)