Colombo Swimming Club May 1958

Roger Bentley
10th October 2007, 19:24
This photo was taken by my wife who was accompanying me on the Magdapur. Left to right Johnny an engineer, Dennis Williams Ch Elec, Me showing incipient Tennents gut! Peter Grayson another engineer, the kid was probably a Burra Sahib's child who had taken a photo opportunity. Anyone know anything about the subsequent career of the two engineers? Salaams, Roger Bentley

Don A.Macleod
10th October 2007, 22:44
Excellent pic.Roger. Bit before my time and recognise no one but nice to still have Brockks nostalgia to the fore.Keep them coming.

Tony Selman
11th October 2007, 09:54
I too don't know any of the people pictured other than Roger. I enjoyed the Swimming Club and I must say Colombo in general, which is just as well considering we spent so long there - both outside and inside.

11th October 2007, 13:45
Great picture Roger,I do not recognise anyone I was on the Magdapur on the previous voyage.


Roger Bentley
11th October 2007, 14:51
Thanks for the kind comments Gents. This particular trip the old man was J P 'Ginger' Jackson, Geoffrey Kenyon was mate, the 2nd mate was called Wilkinson. Don Clark was C/E and also had his wife along. 'Tod' Sloan was Purser Ch Stwd, Chris Connnerty 2nd R/O, Stan Brownell 2nd Elec. It was an eventful trip we were taken over with five other ships by Ceylon government and ordered to take over a 1000 refugees up to Point Pedro. Our wives were put on board the Masirah during this period. The engineer called Johnny in the photo was repatriated from New York on one of the Queens after an X Ray had shown a problem, he was the fittest guy on the ship and our best footballer by a long way. Dennis Williams Ch Elec suffered a bad burn and was also put ashore in Colombo for a while and rejoined us later. Salaams, Roger

john g
11th October 2007, 19:05
That was a great place to go to ...if I remember as long as 2 members signed the "book" the bar stayed open till the last man fell. We signed in as "travellers in steel " always amazed me how many ex pats were in Colombo in those days