Fisherman nets 'monster' lobster

Gavin Gait
11th October 2007, 20:46

11th October 2007, 22:31
Big, right enough, but it looks like a hen to me, and not the 'he' they are all talking about.

Gavin Gait
11th October 2007, 23:51
I'd say your right randcmackenzie. With these beasties the bigger they are its far far more likely for them to be female as the males are usually a lot smaller

12th October 2007, 04:09
thought all lobsters were red

Gavin Gait
12th October 2007, 10:43
Only after being boiled Dom. The Lobsters we have in this part of the world are a dark blue colour until we chuck them in the pot lol

ware ware everywhere
27th November 2007, 20:15
First can I say I rekon its a cock Lobster (toe size) then can I stress how much it is not a monster.


10th December 2007, 18:57
go gettem

15th December 2007, 23:26
With a tail like that, its a hen.

How many fishermen in the NE would use the term 'Blooming Big'???

16th December 2007, 00:01
if thats a hen.......

id love to see its eggs................:)

16th December 2007, 00:48
Was it caught off Buck, Buck, Buckie?

John T.

jim andromeda
14th March 2008, 21:11
Davie the biggest one caught at the rocks at Lossie with a cleek was caught by Pat Young many years ago it weighed in at 14lbs. and he had to boil it in the washing boiler out in the shed I can vouch for this as I seen with my own eyes. Apparently there was one landed by a Cormack a shoemaker by creel it was hanging on the outside and was reputed to weigh 16 lbs. The most lobsters caught at the rocks was 112 in a week by my brother Andrew (ex Ajax) when he was 14 he still goes down yet on the odd occasion