Benevolent Shipowner of 1920's ?

settling tank
13th October 2007, 22:04
In the early 1920's a wealthy Shipowner donated something close on a million pounds sterling and an estate in Suffolk for a new school to be built.
The school who benefited was The Royal Greenwich Hospital School.
The School provided many officers and men for the Royal and Merchant Navy.
On moving into the new school at Holbrook the school name changed to The Royal Hospital School..........But what shipping company did the benefactor "Gifford Sherman Reade" own? Has he been forgotten?

I'm sure there will be some ex students among you so who was he?

non descript
13th October 2007, 22:24
A very good question. - Although Mr Gifford Sherman Reade (1846-1926) is often referred to as a Shipowner, I have never been able to trace what ships or company he owned. All I knew was that he was a local (Holbrook) landowner and very generously donated the site and a great deal of money in appreciation for what he saw as the very excellent work done by the Royal Navy during the First World War.

14th October 2007, 00:57
Was he a shipowner? His obituary in The Times says that he "lived for many years in India, where he amassed wealth as a tea planter." He married his wife, Margaret Augusta Walker, in Calcutta in 1888. In about 1915, he moved to New Zealand for his health. In 1922, when the gift was announced, Reade owned estates in England, India and New Zealand. He died in New Zealand on the 5 Dec 1929 at the age of 84 (his wife died earlier the same year).

settling tank
18th October 2007, 18:43
Interesting info so looks like he wasn't a shipowner at all...except maybe for a yacht or two.
Many thanks Tonga and Melliget, I believe one of the schools old boys was the first Governor of Aussie?
Settling tank

18th October 2007, 23:17
To be honest, I'm not sure, ST - he may have been. Although, if he was, you would expect it would rate a mention in his obituary. Certainly seems to have made his fortune on tea - perhaps he owned some vessels to ship tea from India..?

p.s. Yes, I think you are correct (about Arthur Phillip (