Wartime MN Ships in British ports

17th October 2007, 00:26
Seems like that I`m always asking for help from you old MN salts and no doubt one of you will come up with the answers---here goes:
Where would I find details of ships during WW2 visiting a port in the North West of England and what their cargoes were plus what shipping lines owned these ships and also what became of them----------
there you are shipmates thats your homework for this week,all contributions greatly received ---- sorry no prizes given(K)

17th October 2007, 00:33
how can we be certain you are not a nazi spy........who doesnt know the war is over??????????

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best regards h.m.s. ceylon ........and all republicans who sailed aboard her...:)

John Rogers
17th October 2007, 01:27
Sparkie add a "Haw" to your Hee Hee, and you will be in step with your Nazi spy theme.

17th October 2007, 09:54
"We have ways of making you talk-put these two in the brig and give them 10 lashes Bos`n"

I wonder if they had trouble with these illegal immigrants in those days.

17th October 2007, 10:05
Which port Ceylon?


PollY Anna
17th October 2007, 10:43
Hi Ceylon220

I can't help, just make a few suggestions. First picking up on your statement, a weeks work sounds more like a thesis for a degree, that's years! Any ideas what port you have in mind (Liverpool?) As for shipping companies time of war I would think every shipping Company in the U.K. went in to the North West. Board of Trade, The Ministry of Defence and The War Office I would think will all have records as would Kew. Possibly the Port Authority of the Port you are interested in will also be worth a visit. Other than that I can't help, but there are some companies which spring to mind All the British Tramping companies would have visited said port and if it is Liverpool. Blue Flu, Glen Line, Ben Line, Canadian Pacific, Palm Line, Harrison's, Furness Withy, Royal Mail, Port Line NZ shipping I could go on and on. Good Luck is all I can say

Regards Ron

PollY Anna
17th October 2007, 12:04
Hi have just seen that this is posted under Colliers so a lot of my info is irrelevant. Sorry about that not as sharp as I used to be.

Regards Ron

19th October 2007, 16:31
Thanks to all for your help, the port was Maryport (Cumberland) on the northwest coast and I`m trying to find the shipping Company(Irish) that loaded up with coal at this port and shipped it to Ireland during WW2 and especially the company that owned colliers with names such as : SS "FIRST" ",SECOND", "THIRD", "FOURTH" unusual names but as a young boy many moons ago I would see these steamers coming into port and with my mates would go and see them in the harbour--funny tho` I can`t remember seeing any security at the dock in question being war time.
Any further help would be much appreciated.

K urgess
19th October 2007, 19:02
Can't find any ships named as you describe in Talbot-Booth's "Merchant Ships 1942".
At least one of them should be listed unless they were built and operated after 1941.

K urgess
19th October 2007, 19:55
Found "First" built as "Admiral" in 1906 263 tons name changed 1940
Found "Second" built as "Pine" in 1907 355 tons name changed 1940
Found "Third" built as "Carlingford" in 1908 371 tons name changed 1946.
Can't find a "Fourth".

stan mayes
19th October 2007, 20:10
In Lloyds Register 1947..
FIRST - built 1906 by W.Walker & Sons at Maryport as ADMIRAL ..243 tons.
1940 sold to Isaac Stewart and renamed FIRST .Registered Belfast
Other names not in that Register.
Regards Stan.

stan mayes
19th October 2007, 20:22
Pipped at the post by Kris..I will check other registers.
Your memory holds good,Ceylon..Possibly the colliers you mention were John Kelly ships of Belfast..They had a regular trade to London prewar and always loaded cement at White's Wharf Swanscombe for their return trip cargo.
Regards Stan.

19th October 2007, 20:45
Talking about 1942 convoy,s out of Liverpool, Ropners, " Empire Moonbeam"

stan mayes
19th October 2007, 23:05
Are you meaning EMPIRE MOONBEAM out of Liverpool - never to return?
Sunk by two U boats on 12th Sept 1942..

22nd October 2007, 17:21
Thanks Stan and Kris, it looks as if both of you are on the right track and Maryport did build ships for a while mostly the old sailing ships which were side launched into the river Ellen, the shipping co John Kelly rings a bell
as does Issac Stewart, Iwonder where I got the name of John Monks, never mind when you want to know something concerning ship then ask the experts,Thanks again lads for your help.

Aye, Dave

23rd October 2007, 05:53
While researching a ship called Ardanbahn sunk on a Liverpool Halifax convoyin 1940 I found the Liverpool Maritime Museum excellant and a great scource of info. Cheers Jan.

24th October 2007, 13:11
Talking about 1942 convoy,s out of Liverpool, Ropners, " Empire Moonbeam"

Empire Moonbeam took part in the following convoys out of Liverpool:

Convoy ON-48
Convoy ON-83
Convoy ON-101
Convoy ON-127
Convoy OS/ KMS-10