landing craft world war 2

17th October 2007, 23:04
An elderly man, who lives in my village in County Durham, Engalnd, an ex crew member of landing craft LCI (l) 381 whilst it was on loan from USA to UK in WW2 is looking for a decent quality picture of it or one of its class. I have found the preserved LCI L 713, but not 381. Does anyone know of a decent picture of 381? I woould be grateful for information of one,

31st October 2007, 15:49
LCI L 351 was the first of that class photo on , may well be several others from 351 onwards but none of 381

Laid down (date and place unknown)
Launched (date unknown)
Leased to the United Kingdom, 1 November 1943
Returned to US Naval custody, 14 March 1946
Struck from the Naval Register (date unknown)
Transferred to the State Department for disposal
Final Disposal, sold 13 February 1948, fate unknown
Displacement 236 t.(light), 264 t.(landing), 419 t.(loaded)
Length 158' 5"
Beam 23' 3"
Draft Light, 3'1" mean, Landing, 2' 8" forward, 4' 10" aft, Loaded, 5' 4" forward, 5' 11" aft
Speed 16 kts (max.), 14 kts maximum continuous
Complement 4 officers, 24 enlisted
Troop Capacity 6 Officers, 182 Enlisted
Cargo Capacity 75 tons
Armor 2" plastic splinter protection on gun turrets, conning tower and pilot house
Endurance 4,000 miles at 12 kts, loaded, 500 miles at 15 knots; and 110 tons of fuel
Armament five single 20mm guns, one bow mounted, one each port and starboard forward of wheelhouse, one each port and starboard aft of wheelhouse, on some LCIs two .50 cal machine guns were added
Fuel Capacity 130 tons, lube oil 200 gal.
Propulsion two sets of 4 GM diesels, 4 per shaft, BHP 1,600, twin variable pitch propellers


27th July 2009, 03:26

This is only photo of LCI 381 on NavSource. I haunt the site a lot because I paint the LCI and LCS for WWII vets.