8th April 2005, 10:12
hi there everyone,i have just joined and i am from Picton NZ.
I am a boatbuilder and have lived here for around three years.

8th April 2005, 10:33
Welcome aboard, Straycat. Another NZ'er joined up! A great bunch here - any queries and you're bound to get an answer.

Ron B Manderson
8th April 2005, 23:08
Welcome straycat to a great site. I am a shipbuilder but did work with a local boatbuilder for a while so I know both sides.
Zelda is joking , of course, we just castrate it's easier, two bricks method.
But enjoy the comradeship they are just crazy to give you an answer to any query.
Question Does that not hurt?
Answer not if you keep thumbs out of the way
Also method for camel to be changed from 7 days to 9 days without water top up .lol

9th April 2005, 15:27
Welcome straycat ----- a great site and great members ---- watch out also for the ' knot thingy '

Santos. (=D)