Net Probs

18th October 2007, 08:26
One for the techies. When i go on the net at the moment i get yahoo messenger, windows live messenger and my firefox home page ok. However when i try to open any of my favourite websites it says the server cant find it or cannot open this page. However I can always open BBC news. I have experimented with that and find by using their search engine i can open various sites...anyone know what the problem is?...Wierd stuff eh!

18th October 2007, 21:51
Sounds like your ISP has a problem Bill.

When you tyupe in a URL (e.g., this has to be translated into an address that computers can work with. That is done by something called a Domain Name Server (DNS). If your ISP's DNS is unavailable for any reason there is no way you can get through to the website you want.

It is possible that your ISP has a backup DNS server and that you could point to that in your computer configuration. It's a bit complicated to explain how to do this so I won't try here.

Instead I suggest you report the fault to your ISP's help desk and ask them for advice.



18th October 2007, 23:59
Thanks for that Brian.
Help desk staff out here??? they know about a switch marked On and Off and thats about it. They have probably forgotten to feed it rice again Brian.