Cadet Recruitment

18th October 2007, 21:24
Came across this whilst looking at the MNC website - may be of some interest.

Engineers will note that all the engine gauges are at zero on the page concerning engineer cadets.


19th October 2007, 00:08
Quite a bit different to Brocklebanks where i was the only cadet on my first two voyages!!!


19th October 2007, 04:52
I found it interesting from a historical point of view, - bow ties, working shoes without protectors, and one housewife as recommended kit to go to sea with!!

15th December 2007, 20:45
Nice to see someone enjoyed the NZSC booklet, I was sent it following a linkup with the guy who does the website.

Just for the record I joined today, ex R/O mostly foreign flag Wallemship / Spliethoff / Harrisons(Clyde) / occasional P&O.

Paul Bird (

15th December 2007, 22:44
f. c mayoh......head of electrical dept...... co author of the r/o bible......

marine radio manual..... danielson and mayoh

many r/o members will recall this book with affection............

i still have mine.