julian anstis
8th April 2005, 16:43
Built in 1978 for Strick Line Ltd as the STRATHELGIN by Stoczania Gdanska at Gdansk Poland. 12,598tns, 8 cyl 2.S.C. SA Sulzer. operating until 1983 when she was sold to Giantlift Shipping Co of Greece and re-named RHEINBELS. Later in 83 she was re-named MERBABU before being sold on to Goldencircles Marine of Cyprus in 86 and re-named yet again to ARASTOU. She is seen here on a visit to Avonmouth in 1993. I dont know if the heavylift gear was original or if it was added when she was sold to Giantlift. I'm sure someone can enlighten me on that one or fill in some more of her history.
photo courtesy of P.W.Hobday.

9th April 2005, 13:39
Hi Julian
Now she is the Iranian flag IRAN BROOJERDI, i have put a my pic of her sister
ALMAS in my gallery,i think is good for you.

9th April 2005, 13:42
I forgot ,the Heavylift is original of all the 6 sisters ,very good ship!!!!

9th September 2005, 19:28

I sailed on the maiden voyage of the Strathewe, all gear is definitely original. Stulken Derrick. liebherr cranes. They also carried a unit of 10 cadets. I have quite a few pictures of the Ewe and the Eden.



6th April 2011, 16:41
remember sailing on the strathelgin back in 1980 from middlesborough, new ship then. often saw the eden and esk on our journeys.

David Wilcockson
12th April 2011, 20:08
300 ton lift on the Stulcken, with max out-reach of 10m.

Jerry wes
3rd May 2011, 14:08
The Strath e's were great boats. I was on the Eden, joined in Yokohama in April 78 and left in September in Khorramshah (not the sort of place I'd like to go to today!!) and we still had the Polish builders representatives on board. I remember the liebherr cranes could be used singly or in tandem and you had the option of the remote control pack. They had the 300 SWL stulken derricks - a great time was had at the first dry dock in KG V docks in London when they did the proving test for it

3rd May 2011, 16:44
what has actually happened to the strathelgin? I'm looking at some of the old photos and reminising?