T.G.Irving Ltd

donald mckay
21st October 2007, 14:29
Hi Guys I was looking for some info or pics of any of T.G.Irving Ltd s collier fleet eg Rosedene Ashdene Briardene Ferndene etc that used to ply their trade up to the Moray Firth area
Many Thanks
Donald McKay

john fraser
21st October 2007, 15:25
If you go to the gallery and look into Tramp ships there is a phot of the Firecrest,she later became Briardene.I haven,t seen any more of them

21st October 2007, 16:14
Only one I have.
All Best - Raymond

donald mckay
21st October 2007, 16:49
Thanks Guys I mind these ladies coming to Wick with coal sadly long gone
Brilliant pics Thanks again

john fraser
21st October 2007, 18:34
There is another one of the "Rosedene"under cargo ships B &W photos
I think it is on the following website. www.images-of-ships.me.uk
I remember them all when they ran Burghead.Also remember the"Maryston".skipper from Wick.Geo.Bain I think it was

21st October 2007, 20:23
Features in Steam Coasters by CV Waine & RS Fenton.

Andrew Marshall
22nd December 2009, 21:30
These photos were mainly taken in the 1960's. However the Carricklee pre dates that by a bit.
The photos of the Rosedene and Ashdene were taken at R.B.Harrison's repair yard at Bill Quay Gateshead.
The one of the Ferndene was taken in Kirkwall with possibly one of Dennison's in the background.

28th October 2010, 12:37
Hi My Grandfather was Thomas George Irving who co owned TG Irving Ltd. My mother was Elsie Irving . I am doing my famiy Tree and would like any inforamtion on him please. thanks for any help

Tommy Kirkpatrick
28th October 2010, 13:10
There are photos of the four mentioned in the OP on the Shetland Museum site.

27th September 2014, 22:50
Hello. This is my first posting. I served my welding apprenticeship (59-64) at RB Harrison's slipway and remember the 'Dene' boats very well especially the stink coming from the hold as they carried coal and grain as their staple cargo to the small ports on the east coast of Scotland. There's a fair bit of my welding on those four ships.