F P S O Hummingbird

Pat McCardle
24th October 2007, 21:09
Anyone got a photo of this 'vessel'? Just had an email off a mate who was setting this into position in the Apache Forties Field. She is a 'bit' different from the rest as she is ROUND(EEK) (Thumb)

24th October 2007, 21:46
Hi Pat,

Pic at http://www.shippingtimes.co.uk/item306_FPSO.htm

kind regards


non descript
24th October 2007, 21:49
Nice one Chris (Applause)

24th October 2007, 21:56
Thanks Tonga - glad to be of service (Thumb)


Pat McCardle
24th October 2007, 22:07
Thanks Chris. Never thought of Googling for her. I wonder if she is comfortable in a heavy sea?

25th October 2007, 04:30

Its on the last page of the Shipping News I sent you today

Pat McCardle
25th October 2007, 11:20
That's a bit of a coincidence hey? Thanks again to you all.

28th October 2007, 00:31
data http://www.sevanmarine.com/