Record of Rescues

Mark McShane
25th October 2007, 03:57
Does the RNLI keep a record of each rescue they are involved in? I'm sure they must keep something recorded, but would they go to a central office or would they remain with the local stations.

Any info is appreciated.



25th October 2007, 04:15
When I was on the Lifeboat crew at home we kept a board inside the lifeboat shed where every rescue was recorded. Our Secetary used to send the paperwork into the R.N.L.I Office I believe on a monthly basis

25th October 2007, 07:14
I believe that is correct Neville. sometimes the paperwork gets to HQ a wee bit on the late side to be published in the "Lifeboat". the stations (that i have visited) certainly have a record of rescues on the wall.

samuel j
25th October 2007, 09:32

When I bought Samuel J she had onboard a copy of every shout she was ever out on. This site you might find interesting as alot of shout info. put up their by the members, many are RNLI and Coastguard crew

25th October 2007, 11:42
Lifeboat HQ at Poole will have all the info you require and will supply if you want it I am sure - however I am sure the individual station would have what you wanted as well.


samuel j
25th October 2007, 12:01
Many stations have their own websites (links to most can get got via the RNLI main site - )
but a google search of station probably faster. Many good sites with plenty of shout records/details. Another little tool is the downloadable RNLIs virtual pager....
Works very well... in my case have selected all the Irish stations and he beeps away anytime they are out.

Mark McShane
25th October 2007, 13:56
Thanks all, great responses and assistance.



25th October 2007, 14:16
The Lifeboat Magazine carries a list of calls and rescues from each station in each issue, so I am sure that as Chris says it will all be available from Poole via

Mark McShane
25th October 2007, 16:43
My queries are back in 1939 - 1942, so they are more than likely in some archive records somewhere.

Thanks again,


wully farquhar
29th October 2007, 13:44
Hi Mark,What queries were you looking for,i have a supplement to the records of the RNLI 1939 TO 1946 i wlli have a look if you let me know what you were looking for.

Mark McShane
30th October 2007, 23:19

Thanks for your help, much appreciated,