Grey boats

25th October 2007, 13:54
Guys, I only need two photos to make up photos of all the Benboats I was on. The photos needed are the Grey Warrior and Grey Hunter.

Can anybody oblige?

25th October 2007, 20:29
Picture of Grey Hunter at :-

When Grey Warrior was sold in 1980 to Murco Petroleum Ltd. Aberdeen she was renamed Celtic Link and there is a picture of her as Celtic Link at :-

I hope this helps.

Kind Regards


Derek Dunn
4th November 2007, 16:48
How are you getting on with your search for photographs? I have some old pictures of the Grey Hunter somewhere which I am sure I can scan and email to you if required. I sailed as 3rd eng. on the Hunter in 1979, after I got my Chief's ticket I went back as 2nd eng. I was on the ship when she was laid up for the second time in Molde, in 1980.

29th November 2007, 09:43
I've managed to get a couple from the links above, but any more would be welcome! I was on the Warrior on her maiden. We picked her up in Kobe in November 76 and paid off in Long beach in March 77, via, if I remember correctly, Trinidad and Bonny. We may have gone to Sao Sebastiou in Brazil to let off an AB who threw a wobbler.

The 2/e was Peter Luurtsema aif I remember right.

I was on the Hunter from the beginning of January 80 (Gib) and paid off in Philly at the end of March.

Both strange trips in that we had first trip Juniors who were throwing wobblers and ABs doing the same! I hated sitting in the middle of the Atlantic waiting for orders!

doug mac
29th November 2007, 14:48
Excsue my ignorance, but i`ve nevar heard the term "wobbler" and why it would lead to letting some one go. please enlighten

K urgess
29th November 2007, 15:08
"Throwing a wobbler".
Can apply to all sorts of things.
In mechanical terms it means going badly wrong/breaking down.
In human terms much the same. From getting very angry to having a nervous breakdown.


3rd December 2007, 10:47
Quite right Marconi. This guy, who shall remain nameless, dragged the sparks out of bed at 3 in the morning and demanded that he call the queen. When he was told that he couldn't call the queen, he told the sparks, 'ok, the pope will do!'

He was confined to his cabin with an AB outside keeping watch. The guy stuck his head out the cabin, growled and the ab took off like a scalded cat. We eventually had to lock him up.

K urgess
3rd December 2007, 10:59
I'm surprised it wasn't the sparks demanding to be taken to Buckingham Palace for his investiture or that someone treated his favourite lifeboat for seasickness. [=P]

24th March 2008, 07:29
Guys, I only need two photos to make up photos of all the Benboats I was on. The photos needed are the Grey Warrior and Grey Hunter.

Can anybody oblige?

Hi Celsis, i'm having trouble finding photos of any of the Grey boats, I sailed on the Fighter and it's the only photo I can't find. Best of luck with your search. You never happened to come across a photo of the fighter did you ???

Colin Ruxton
24th March 2008, 07:46
Hi Celsis
Just up-loaded a pic of the Grey fighter.
I sailed on her from Nov 79 - Mar 80

24th March 2008, 08:58
Hi Celsis
Just up-loaded a pic of the Grey fighter.
I sailed on her from Nov 79 - Mar 80

Colin mate you are a star (Thumb) , you have no idea how long I have searched for a pic of the Fighter. Now have photos of all the ships I sailed on.
Cheers (Applause)

ian keyl
26th March 2008, 01:25
I suppose all ben boats were grey some had more rust than others , I remember one voyage on the Kitlan (ex ellermans) we had our share of woblers on there.
One night on watch I smelt smoke coming up the chartroom stairway,I took a quick peep down on the next deck and bobbed my head in the old mans cabin(his door was on the hook with the curtain over it) sureenough it smelt like cotton waste on fire and it was coming from his room.
I went in and to his edroom where there was a fair bit of smoke hie counterpain on his bed was on fire and he was asleep in it . I pulled it off and took it into his day room and squirted the soda syphon on it and left it in the middle of his cabin floor.
he neverspoke or mentioned it to anyone the next day.

Later on that whilst around the jungle ports we had a 4th engr who hated the ch/engr and every night the after meal drinking sessions was becoming a bit keen. The mates cabin was on the port side next to the ford smokeroom and bar,the mate Peter Murphy was woken one night by a fight in the smoke room he went in to investigate and the 4th was astride the chief battering 7bells out of him and the chfs teeth were scattered over the carpet his nose was like a bulbous bow and his lips were split.

Peter knew he could not hadle the 4th on his own so he phoned me on the bridge and I came down,even with two of us it was tough going so i had to hit the 4th on the side of the head a couple of times before he realised somebody was man handling him, he looked at me and his eyes were fixed and gave me a full description of what he thought of me in glasweagian then it was chase me around the accomodation ,I caught him second time round the alleyways and bundled him into the hospital room on the portside ,there i held him whilst Murph hand cuffed him to the toilet pipe.
We left him there most of the next day to see what the chief was going to do but he did nothing . We had a couple more woblers from the 4th on the voyage but nothing happened to him. The ch/engr was also from Glasgow Airey was his name if I recall it and the 4th was Alley----.

I cannot remember if the 4th came back to ben or not.
I call this a wobler.

Rgds ian.