julian anstis
9th April 2005, 16:45
The LOGOS -ex- UMANAK is seen here at Bristol docks in 1983 (I think at what is now the watershed). Built in 1949 at Helsingor 2319tns. She was operating as a missionary ship and bookshop promoting the christian faith and educating the needy in third world countries. She ran aground on rocks at Tierra del Fuego, Chile in 1988 in bad weather with no losss of life. Any information of her previous life welcome.
photo courtesy of P.W.Hobday.

10th April 2005, 14:09
She was single screw M/V,13 knots,78 passengers.

Jan Hendrik
11th April 2005, 11:39
I remember her. Have been on board in Europe and Australia. Will try to find some photos.
They had 40 nationalities on board and indeed a million books.
Nostalgic stuff, so you cracked the right site.....