New Security Alert

27th October 2007, 11:22
Morning all,

F-Secure security alert level 2 issued 26th October 1835.

Malicious PDF files being spammed out in volume. The files have "report" themed subjects and CVE-2007-5020 exploit that they use to download further components from the net.

Please be warned.


27th October 2007, 12:57
Could you repeat that in English, please. A little too techie for me, especially the 1835 date?

K urgess
27th October 2007, 13:14
It means don't open a PDF attachment from someone you don't know, JoK.
PDFs can be used to access internet sites you wouldn't want to do out of choice and can open your PC to nasties.
A good firewall and anti-virus software should prevent any unauthorised access.
Sorry can't explain the date unless the warning came from Mr Babbidge[=P]

27th October 2007, 15:05
I recently installed Norton 360 and I don't know if anyone else that uses it has found it really slows down the system.
With only dial up sometimes I can make myself a coffee before it allows certain sites to upload

K urgess
27th October 2007, 15:32
Used to use Norton but binned it because it was too intrusive and everyone else had caught up.
Now use AVG free for viruses and Zone Alarm for firewall.
Use Ad-Aware SE Personal for tracking cookies etc. Found it better than anything else.
To keep the disk tidy use Diskeeper 2007. Works in the background defragging only during CPU idle time. Beats a weekly two hour defrag per drive.

Everything seems to be ticking quietly away and they're all scheduled to operate when I'm in bed. PC is switched on 24/7 of course but set to shut off unused bits as time passes.


28th October 2007, 12:12

1835 was the time the report was issued - maybe shud have put Z or Lt.


28th October 2007, 19:37
I run AVG and when its running my PC slows down to even though I am connected thru Broadband (Kiwi style).AVG is programmed to run every day when I am away from the machine.

So apart from tightening the glands on my computer I stop the scan and notch up the throttle to get back to a decent RPM. (Doxford driven)

29th October 2007, 09:19
Did a search on Google for best free virus programme - AVG and Avast came out equal first. Tried AVG before, never tried Avast so loaded that for a change. It doesn't seem to slow the works down too much and a nice man tells me every time it updates itself, plus I liked the nautical connotation. It doesn't take much to amuse me [=P]