Lorraine Wilson-Perrott

Lorraine Wilson-Perrott
10th April 2005, 00:25
Hello everyone, I hope this is the right place to post 2 queries I have???

First, does anyone know anything about the steamship AUTOCRAT, which sailed from Liverpool around 1866. Albert Edward BURWELL was born on it while his father Albert Henry BURWELL was captain. The ship was supposedly of the WARREN LINE. Anything on A H BURWELL, who supposedly became commodore of the WARREN fleet??

Secondly, who was the BURWELL who was supposedly the youngest captain of an American destroyer in WW2??

Hope someone can help


10th April 2005, 19:47
Hi Lorraine and welcome to Ships Nostalgia.I/m sure someone might be able to help.Just keep watching!

12th April 2005, 23:13
Hi Lorraine,

Welcome aboard. Have you tried the Merseyside Maritime Museum (www.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/maritime/archive/displayGuide.aspx?sid=47&mode=html&sorStr=&serStr=&pgeInt=&catStr=) ?