Brocklebank House Flag

Mike Wild
29th October 2007, 13:58
As a Cunard Brocklebank deck cadet I recall one of the cadet's jobs on approaching port was to hoist the house flag. Unlike on Cunard, Port Line or Moss Tankers vessels I sailed on the Brocks house flag was tied to a bamboo pole and the pole hoisted on the halyard, so that when the flag was in position it flew above the masthead. I was told that some charter of other existed that allowed Brocklebanks to fly their house flag higher than any other shipping company, which is what the bamboo pole achieved, but despite conducting some research can't find any info about it.

Anyone out there can enlighten me?

29th October 2007, 18:57
Mike, I always thought that they were the only company to fly their houseflag on the foremast as opposed to the mainmast, and not to do with the actual height. Am sure you will get a quick response from the Bocklebank contingent. Colin

29th October 2007, 23:34
possibly from the old days when brocks were privateers, sailing out of whitehaven.

this is where the white line along the hull stemmed from........the line of the gunports

best regards.............

Ron Stringer
30th October 2007, 11:57
This question was dealt with (at length) about a year or so on the site. Suggest you do a search and find the relevant thread. Can't remember the outcome of the discussions, but agreement was reached.