Gambia Palm.

30th October 2007, 00:12
Hi, superb photo of the Gambia Palm, link is below. Ken.

30th October 2007, 03:12
I could be wrong but I don't think that this "Gambia Palm" was built in 1937.
Maybe some of our more knowledgable members will correct me as I think there was a later building in Germany?

30th October 2007, 05:01
Bill, believe this is the 1937 Gambia Palm. She was the sister of the Takoradi Palm also built in 1937 and had a similar history, being seized by the french in 1940. Regards Colin

Peter (Pat) Baker
30th October 2007, 14:51
This is the Gambia Palm built in 1937.
She carried 12 passengers and I did my first two trips in her 1955 & 1956.
Good old ship and a very happy one.
Captain Francisco de Imaz (Frankie Imaz). Chief Engineer George Brand.
Purser Gordon Little.
Peter (Pat) Baker.

30th October 2007, 21:10
I did a brief UK relief on her so my memory is starting to go.
Frankie from Liverpool I remember as who could forget him!!!

31st October 2007, 03:02
1937. Gambian for Elmina Line (United Africa Co). German Build.
1940. Seized by French at Dakar and renamed Saint Gabriel.
1943. Back to British as Empire Tweed.
1946. Gambian.
1949. Gambia Palm. Cheers. Ken.

3rd November 2007, 18:41
Was a passenger on her in 1951 (aged 3) with my parents on the way to Ghana (Samreboi). Seem to remember Terry(?) Lansdown was Chief Steward, or so he told me when I subsequently met up with him again in the 60's as an apprentice.

stan mayes
3rd November 2007, 18:54
Little Terry Lansdown - I remember him well..
Did'n't he issue stores himself? Second Stewards were either incompetent or issued too much.

3rd November 2007, 19:58
Just remembered it was Ted Lansdown. He had a reputation for being really tight, so I can quite believe he issued all the stores. I actually got on really well with him - probably because he remembered me as that young innocent little boy all those years previously.

stan mayes
3rd November 2007, 22:47
Yes Barry - Teddy Lansdown..not Terry..
All Palm Line people must remember Michael Fitzgerald known as Big Paddy.
He was Relief 2nd Steward at Tilbury and made Continental trips..Teddy let him use the store keys I can remember...
Catering Officers will also remember George O'Hara - George the butcher..He delivered meat to the ships and always stayed for a couple hours having a few beers with Big Paddy,they were best friends..
They were taken prisoner in June 1940 when ORAMA was sunk by ADMIRAL HIPPER during evacuation of Narvik and were in same POW camp for 4 years
Regards Stan..

4th November 2007, 01:11
Incredible, Big Paddy - I never ever had any idea of his war service, it is amazing the things that I have learned on this site about former shipmates.

Talking about relief crews, remember Tommy the Painter ?

Keep Well.

Kind Regards, David Wilson.

stan mayes
4th November 2007, 11:02
Yes I remember Tommy,he was based in Liverpool and occasionally came to Tilbury..
A relief Chief Officer during the 1970s was Humphrey Jones..
At Tilbury the Palm Line had a Shore Chippy,Jack Ellerton..
An AB from Tilbury Les Thompson was with Palm Line for many years,he was known as Tilbury Thompson..
Kind regards Stan..

28th November 2007, 08:14
hi stan ..les was also called chingie..i think that was his dads nickname...and it got passed over to him... i sailed with les a few times ... a great bloke...z

stan mayes
28th November 2007, 10:31
Yes Z,
Chingie was his Dad - he was a docker.I went to school with him...
Les/ Chingie sailed in P&O ferries after the demise of Palm Line and yes,he was a great bloke..