HMS Fearless to go to the breaker’s yard

31st October 2007, 16:54
From this months “NAVY NEWS” November 2007, Page 19.

“Falklands veteran assault ship HMS Fearless will go the way of her sister and end her days in a breaker’s yard.

Despite ambitious plans to turn the “Mighty Lion” into a floating hotel/hostel and a museum to the 1982 conflict in which she played a pivotal role, the only serious proposition was, sadly, the scrap yard.

Whitehall announced earlier this year that Intrepid would be broken up (or “recycled” in modern parlance), by British firm Leaveley International.

Now the Disposal Services Authority has agreed that Belgian firm Van Heyghen Recycling can pull apart Fearless.

The government laid down that as much of the ship should be recycled as possible before it chose the Belgian company to carry out the work; it also demanded that the firm meet European and international requirements regarding the safe treatment of waste.

Both ships are currently awaiting their fate in Portsmouth harbour where they’ve been moored for several years.

Fearless served the RN from 1965 until 2002; her last act was involved in the war against the Taliban.

Intrepid entered service in 1967 and spent the final decade of her life laid up in Portsmouth before she was eventually decommissioned”.

31st October 2007, 20:03
Sad. :(