SS Ryde (Ryde Queen) IOW

15th November 2007, 14:38
Good history here:

Great old ship to explore, and It was the first wreck I explored, which satisfied a childhood desire to do so! A pity she has been left in this state, ans I suppose nothing can ever be done with her now...

Photos courtesy of "Oxygen Thief", of Duke of Lancaster fame.

The triple expansion steam engine. I hope at the very leat this is saved one day

Keltic Star
16th November 2007, 03:45
Wonderful old ship. remember her well, crossing to Ryde as a teenager hoping to get lucky on the weekends.

16th November 2007, 11:35
i remember me ,that i saw i pictures ..........month ago that the funnel is broken up!!!! ;-(

1st March 2009, 17:31
New to site so forgive any mistakes.
Been down to the SS Ryde (Sunday 1st March).
It is in a sorry state but no one appears to be working on it.
Still upright. Took some pics, will try to post, Was interested to see the rudder built into the bow. This still appears in good condition.
Can't post a pic if anyone is interested please contact me.

Andy Lavies
1st March 2009, 19:09
There used to be masses of overtime on the Ryde when she was still in Railway service and the same two crews stayed in her to the exclusion of other staff. "She's difficult to handle and needs experienced people," they said. Suddenly the overtime ceased and astonishingly the ship could be handled by anybody. I had one day in her as Mate during her last summer.
The bow rudder was needed as it was the only way of steering when going astern and it was locked amidships when steaming ahead.

3rd March 2009, 14:26
Andy, did you know Eric Yealland the Ryde's Master? I'm in close contatct with his wife Pat who knows virtually everything there is to know about the ship.

Andy Lavies
8th March 2009, 15:38
Yes, I remember Eric but it was a long time ago and I never met his wife. I moved to the Lymington ferries in 1969.