15th April 2005, 17:59
I did a trip on the Roatan in 1973 joined in Bremerhaven,then sailed for Panama anchored there for a week waiting for orders. were as the ship lost all power so nearly everyone aboard had to give a hand pulling up 45 gallon Drums of Diesel up to the Boatdeck with a three fold Tackle so the Engineers could start the Engine up what a work up. Finally got her going then sailed through the Canal bound for Guayaquil in Equador,We then loaded a full Cargoe of Bananas for Rotterdam.
It was a really good trip and considering that she was built in 1946 as Comayagua and renamed Roatan in 1969 she was in good nick except maybe the Engine. The Accomedation was ok there was agood crowd of lads on her and with only having four hatches she was a doddle on Deck not having a Forrest of Derricks like the Blue Funnel Boats which i had just left.She was scrapped not long after I left in 1975