Beagle ??

Jan Hendrik
16th April 2005, 15:50
It must have been the period 1971-1973 I took these photos in a drydock in Amsterdam, I think it was the Oranje werf (no longer exists).
The relatively small tall ship's name was something like Beagle, the flag may assist (non US).
Can anybody help?

" antifouling used here"

Jan Hendrik
16th April 2005, 16:16
Got few more photos, perhaps these help.

16th April 2005, 17:06
The name looks like Beaver to me, and if the flag isnt American it can only be Liberian.

Jan Hendrik
17th April 2005, 01:45

I agree with you it looks like "Beaver", but somehow I had "Beagle" in my mind.
After carefully looking through a magnifying glass, I can now confirm it is BEAVER with homeport Santiago, so she comes from Chile.
I do not understand why the U.S. or Liberian flag is in top then, as indeed the other possibility is Liberian.

I will change the thread to Beaver.
Hopefully we get more reactions.