"Father I have sinned" No 3 (Probably the final one-------but you never know!!!)

26th November 2007, 15:46
"Mahseer". Round the land 1.11.68 to 2.1.69.
I was probably at my fattest, and laziest, during this coastal. I never got much leaner until much much later but my work-ethic improved immeasurably after this experience.
I was probably being referred to as "Phil the FLIB" (Fat Lazy Idle B*****d).
I joined the ship in Tilbury as J3/E and listened, in a desultory sort of way to the deep-sea bloke (Who's name I cannot, for the life of me, recall. Possibly Davey Jones) telling me that one of the fridge compressors needed a complete overhaul as it had been used all the way home keeping some shellac and other stuff cool.
The following morning I turned to and went into the fridge-flat to make a start on the aforementioned compressor.
I pumped it down and, attaching a hose to a vent-valve, someone had thoughtfully provided, I started to vent the NH3 into a balti (showing off now with my fluent Hindi!!) of pani (!!!). Whilst this venting was going on I stood at the door of the fridge-flat having a ciggy (I still smoked at the time) and yarning with anyone who was passing, whilst resting my stomach on No 5 hatch.
The venting went on, and on, and on.
OBVIOUSLY I couldn't make a start on the overhaul, until the compressor was completely emptied of ammonia, so I just stood by the door of the fridge-flat having a ciggy and yarning with anyone who was passing, whilst resting my stomach on No 5 hatch.
The venting went on, and on, and on.
The Second was "Black Bob" Beattie and he would pop into the fridge-flat every so often to see how things were progressing and, when I would tell him, "Still venting the ammonia Bob!" he would leave and carry-on with whatever he was doing.
Eventually, after a couple of days in Tilbury, we started watches so I had to secure the venting process as I had to be on watch.
Arrived in Avonmouth------------------carried-on venting.
Left Avonmouth but secured venting as watch-keeping precluded any further "progress".
Arrived in Glasgow----------------carried-on venting.
"Black Bob" asked when I was going to make a start on the compressor but I managed to fob him off by saying that I was sure the compressor was nearly empty and I would be making a start soon. Meanwhile I stood by the fridge-flat door having a ciggy whilst resting my stomach (considerably larger by now because of the necessary Tennents coupled to no activity to reduce it!!) on No 5 hatch.
(In all fairness to "Black Bob" I would pick-up the fridge abstracts and start filling them in, or checking spares or some other "cunning plot", when he appeared so he probably thought I was more "on-the-ball" than I actually was!!!! Using that animal cunning I'd developed!! See, "Father I have---etc. No 2")
To my utter shame this slothful behaviour continued round to Middlesborough, (from where I was allowed to come home for Christmas), until arrival in Royal Albert.
The deep-sea 3rd rejoined and, when he asked if I'd got the compressor done, could only stare at me in stunned and utter incomprehension when I told him that, owing to not being able to rid the machine of ammonia, I had not been able to overhaul it.
It dawned on me then that far from my having, as I thought, a "valid" reason, for not doing the work, I had condemned him to having to overhaul TWO compressors, (probably on "field-days" too!), rather than the one we'd been using "Round-the-land"!
I paid-off and returned home, for a few days, during which time I reflected on my atrocious behaviour!!!!!
I joined "Mangla" 6/1/69 for deep-sea duties and, whilst still of the dimensions of a beer-barrel, my work-shyness was totally eliminated!!
Now if I was an Indian Army Officer, after such a confessional, I would be sitting in my tent, under the stars, bottle of whisky by my side, .38" Smith and Wesson service revolver unholstered, (with one bullet in the chamber), laid on the card-table! I would go out into the Indian night and a single shot would be heard--------.
However I'm not and it all happened nearly forty years ago!!!! Salaams, (Not so fat now),Phil(Hippy) P.S. If the heavily over-worked deep-sea 3rd who I so badly wronged, (who I postulated may have been Davey Jones, but I'm not entirely certain), is reading this please grant me absolution and, if he ain't, can someone stand-in for him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.P.S. Why would the compressor still have ammonia in it after God-knows how many days of my puerile attempts to get rid of it? Probably the lead-seated suction stop-valve had been shut, over-enthusiastically, by someone with a wheel-key and the lead seal had been squeezed out of the valve and wasn't making much contact with the valve-seat in the body of the valve. P.P.P.S. (What? More excuses??) It's probably crossed many peoples minds reading this (especially fridge engineers!) that a constant venting of ammonia must SURELY have created a short-fall in the entire system! Good point, except that the amount being bled-off was very small and if I hadn't been such a lazy sod I could have easily coped with the tiny amounts of gas wafting about, even if it had meant wearing a gas-mask!!!! I've just about run out of sackcloth and ashes now, can anyone send me some!!?

26th November 2007, 23:40

Three confessions and nothing learned!

Clearly you are an absolute bounder my son and do not deserve absolution. I think you should continue to suffer from a guilty conscience. ;)

Fun stories though so that must count for something.


27th November 2007, 09:25
3 pale ales and 6 aves of tia maria and your forgiven my son.
Great storys though.

27th November 2007, 11:50
3 pale ales and 6 aves of tia maria and your forgiven my son.
Great storys though. Billyboy! Many thanks for your input on the absolution dues. Unfortunately "elf & safety" these days forbid the transporting of alcohol by post (possible danger of explosion) so I'll sup it all myself. Does this count as absolution? Salaams, Phil(Hippy)

28th November 2007, 00:16
Had the same thing happen to me on a fridge system. We end up nearly draining all the freon to a bottle before we realized what was going on.
I was 2nd, took a walk through the engine room with the engines shut down and the compressor was thumping away merrily. I asked the engineer how long it had been going on, he said "A couple of days" (Cloud) Everytime I had been through, it had either cycled off or the engine was running beside it. I was distinctly unhappy. Engineer wasn't smiling when he was doing bearings on it later on though.

28th November 2007, 10:09
Go for it Phill. at least you had the courage to confess mate!
Now then lads while i am here in the confessional, lets hear about yours eh!

28th November 2007, 22:22

Being a major sinner does not qualify you for giving absolution! ;)


29th November 2007, 00:42
Oh absolutly dear chap