m v pacuare

28th November 2007, 17:23
does any body remember the m v pacuare

Jim S
28th November 2007, 20:02
Which one ? There were three -
One built by Workman Clark, Belfast in 1905 and broken up in Belgium in 1936
Another built by Bremer Vulkan in 1934 and broken up at Troon in 1959
The third built by Bethlehem Steel in 1948 as Tivives for United Fruit Co and transferred to Elders & Fyffes in 1969 - broken up at Zeebrugge in 1972.
As first and third were steam ships and you did say mv Pacuare then I assume that is the one you are referring to
Built as Pelikan in 1934 for F. Laeisz of Hamburg she became a war prize in 1945 and renamed Empire Alde. She was acquired by Elders & Fyffes in 1946.

29th November 2007, 16:17
Yes. I was referring to the motor vessel Pacuare with the M.A.N. Double Acting 2Stroke Engine and the Famo Generators. Without a doubt the worst Engine Room I ever sailed or was connected with.

Jim S
29th November 2007, 16:42
The German built Pacuare was before my time. Fyffes certainly were drawn to MAN engines in that the 8 Japanese built M-Class motorships of 1969-73 had 10 cylinder turbo-charged MAN engines built under licence by Kawasaki.
They also bought in 1974 two German ships built in 1964 these were 9 cylinder MAN engines. The German owners were apparently glad to get rid of them but Fyffes did manage to improve them.

pete barlow.
20th February 2014, 11:26
Hi BlurB10I I
I made 2 trips in the MV Pacuare from garstan 26 april to 29 may and 27 june to 31 july 1955 i was captains tiger both trips ,first trip was Captain Purvess a gentleman, the second trip was the evil Captain W H young He caught me painting the brass fittings over his wash basin, he wasent best pleased.
I also sailed on the MV Nicoya 5 trips SS Matina 1 trip SS Turtuguero 1 trip.

Ron Stringer
20th February 2014, 15:07
...the second trip was the evil Captain W H young.

He did a relieving trip on the Golfito when I was there. A most unpopular man aboard, but someone must have loved him back at the office, because his reputation was fleet-wide.

pete barlow.
20th February 2014, 15:44
Hi Ron another skipper as popular as young was a relief captain in Elder Dempsters Captain J J Smith, also known as First Away Smith