lamport & holt

28th November 2007, 17:27
any body out there remember the m v delius circa 1960

28th November 2007, 19:58
Somebody asked this before and the following link takes you to a page that features the Delius, hope it is the right one!

28th November 2007, 20:29
I am afraid she was scrapped just prior to me joining L+H. I did however work on the Defoe and Debrett ( sister ships ) and was in Receife on the Rubens when the Debrett had her disasterous engine room fire.


29th November 2007, 16:35
Thanks Chris. The Defoe, Debrett and Devis were all frig. ships, the Delius was a non-frig. ship with a 6 Cylinder B & W Exhaust Piston, double acting 2-stroke engine (what a mouthful) with Steam Auxiliaries and a Natural Draught Scotch Boiler. However, I sailed on this ship for over two years as 4th to 2nd Engineer and my memories are mostly happy ones.

29th November 2007, 16:51
Cheers Banni - that's the one.

Ron Hamilton
1st December 2007, 12:01
I was a humble Junior Ordinary Seaman in 1948/49 on the Delius , sadly I was unaware at the time of her war-time escapade & loss of lives etc. The most hazardous experience I had was when the Maltese cook chased me down the deck with a meat-cleaver, I think I upset him ! Ron Hamilton , N.Z.

29th December 2007, 01:40
I was EDH on the Delius, March '53/July '53.
We did dry-dock in Bremerhaven then down the East coast Sth America, good ship, good crew, we had a foo foo Band led by George Laine on guitar, many a happy night down in the after messroom/accomodation. Memories are made of this.

1st November 2008, 19:03
This may be of small interest since it's relates to the DELIUS during wartime.

DELIUS was the first ship my dad sailed on 23-05-1941 after volunteering for service in the Merchant Navy during the war. He was 7th engineer on this trip, but became 6th engineer on his following trip, which began in Glasgow and finished in Liverpool 11-10-1943.

I notice from records of the DELIUS that on its next trip, just after my dad had left the ship, it was bombed and strafed by German aircraft off Ireland 21-11-1943. Apparently, their convoy of 20 ships was attacked by 60 aircraft, but DELIUS was the only ship to receive damage bad enough to cause it to drop out of the convoy.

DELIUS was one of the D boats built for Lamport & Holt, and had an innovative design in which the funnel was incorporated into the superstructure. When I was quite young my dad showed me a photo of DELIUS in a book, and this feature struck me as curious.

2nd January 2009, 13:00
yes,i sailed on her for 3 voyages 1960-61,there are 6 color photos of the ship in my photos,an article, in the magazine sea breezes , oct 1977, gives a full account, of the wartime attack, on the Delius on Nov 21 1943 near Gibraltar just before the attack, 3 crew members had died,and the air attack had killed ,the captain,the bosun, a steward and an a.b.with a number of crew injured, so at the end of that voyage ,7 crew members had died ,we owe so much to these brave men

8th January 2009, 12:17
I am looking for information on William James Lamport one of the founder members of the Lamport and Holt shipping line. I have reseached the Lamport family for 5 years and have trawled the various shipping sites. Is there anyone out there who might have any photos of him or more of a personal history.


8th January 2009, 15:49

All I know is that William James Lamport was born in Lancaster in 1815 and came to Liverpool in his early youth. He entered the Office of Messrs. Gibbs, Bright & Co., where he acquired the practical knowledge of commerce and ship management.

He assisted in the framing of the first Merchant Shipping Act, and his extensive shipping knowledge qualified him to be an advisor to the Promoters of the Bill, which was the result of Samuel Plimsoll’s quest for better conditions and for greater safety of the lives of seafarers

He died in 1874.

Hope this is some help to you.


8th January 2009, 20:31
Karin, there is a book by Paul Heaton, Lamport&Holt Line published in 2004, which gives brief detail of William Lamport & George Holt, with pictures of both of them. Hope this helps. Cheers, Glyn.(Thumb)

Thomas Hannah
27th November 2009, 15:33
Somebody asked this before and the following link takes you to a page that features the Delius, hope it is the right one!

I have a picture in Dock,After she was Bombed.It belonged once to my grandfather.But he is not one of the men in the picture.There is a very large hole under her name.

29th November 2009, 09:48
Did about 5 trips as a cadet early 1960 - late 1961 . I think Capt. Davis was in command. Russ Sanderson was the other cadet. Very happy ship