MV ADELLEN-John I Jacobs

29th November 2007, 22:59
Looking for a pic of the Adellen on which my old man sailed as 2nd cook around about late 50's early 60's.Trying to get a framed pic for him in time for xmas.Any help greatly appreciated.
Kev H.(Thumb)

29th November 2007, 23:23
Is this her ... on

Best Wishes, Raymond

29th November 2007, 23:36
Built as Empire Nugget in 1942.
MOWT managed by Anglo-Saxon Petroleum Co.
1946 ADELLEN, Adellen Shipping Co, Middlesborough.
1961 Scrapped Sakai, Japan. According To Mariners-L

30th November 2007, 00:10
Thanks a lot Treeve- my old man will be happy been searching for a pic for ages.

30th November 2007, 00:11
No problem, only too happy to have been of some help.
Best Wishes, Raymond

30th November 2007, 12:17
SS Adellen (Ex Empire Nugget 46) 9807 tons Built 1942 by Furness S B Co; Ltd, Haverton Hill on Tees. 483.8 x 68.3 x 36.1. 3 cylinder up & downer
27", 44", 70" x 70" stroke. 3 single ended boilers @ 220psi. All built by Richardsons, Westgarth & Co; Hartlepool. DF, ESD,Radar. Code flags MAFA.
1 deck, Cruiser stern, Machinery aft. British flag. Registered Middlesbrough.
Owned by Adellan Shipping Co; Ltd.

Jack Lynch
24th February 2011, 17:01
Hi R58484956 I sailed on the ss Adellen under Liberian flag, as radio officer in 1958. She was a tanker and owned by Torres Shipping Co. N.Y.Official no 1266 tonnage 9501. Could this be same ship? Only just surfed this section as I was In Radio Room. Incidentally I give details of voyages in my book, "Beyond the sea".