Steam Fishing Vessels

bob nightingale
2nd December 2007, 18:21
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K urgess
2nd December 2007, 19:17
Have we got some steam fishing vessel experts among our crew who can add some nice information to the directory?
If in doubt, ask Benjidog how to post there.

2nd December 2007, 21:25
I'm still stumped as to where to find this "new reply button." with all the will in the world, tonga, gulpers and bengidog tried to help last night, but I still can't get onto these "discussion threads. can anyone help me please with a step by step guide. I'm bally well computer illiterate and need help.cheers,neil.

K urgess
2nd December 2007, 21:34
Neil, the new reply button is a misleading name.
All it means is the green Post Reply button just below this message. You've just used it to post your message unless you used the quick reply option.(Thumb)
Purely a means of discussing the entry shown underlined in the first post of this thread.
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2nd December 2007, 22:29
thank Kris. I'll give it a go. cheers,neil.

Kenneth Morley
5th December 2007, 04:20
Hi A long time ago I sailed as deckie trimmer had 2 hours to trim enough coal for 24 hours. and then turn to on deck,the trawlers name I cann't remember we were out of Fleetwood and she was a Lowestoft trawler . By the way I found out you don't use fresh water for washing,other than that and the dozen dabs for breakfast a bit much to get used to,I enjoyed my time fishing out of Fleetwood Kenneth(Cloud)

gil mayes
5th December 2007, 10:21
Hello Kenneth
With a Lowestoft registration she would probably be a drifter/trawler landing seasonally at Fleetwood. If that was the case, bunker capacity would be about thirty-five tons, nominally three 12 ton plank sided rail wagons worth. Daily consumption when trawling would vary depending on the quality of the coa, but it would be 21/2 - 3 tons. It would be good to know the name of the trawler and the timescale you are talking about, I guess the 1950s.

27th November 2008, 18:44
Hi, Looking for any photos or info on the H144 Ruby Trawler built by Mackie & Thomson, Glasgow and sailed out of Hull. My Great Grandfather was the skipper. I have found one photo but the library won't release it as they are not sure who owns the copyright. Any info welcomed.

6th July 2009, 22:55
Hello,i sailed on three of J.Croan's trawlers 1956,names were Bruce,Astros and Robert Croan.As an apprentice (ie)learning the job,steering,giving the trimmers in the glory-hole stoking up,hauling ashes,hauling in the nets,gutting,boxing the fish in the hold with the mate,and breaking the ice.Never had the seaboots off for ten days,and trying to wash in bucket o'water heated by the steam from the winchcocks could'nt get a lather for fish scales,however it was an experience and i was glad to get 9month in as sea time to get into the merchant navy.