RAF auxiliary 'AQUARIUS'

4th December 2007, 18:20
While looking at pictures of ships on the Cheshire & Chester web-site, I came across a ship that had T E Lawrence on board, while on route to Davenport. He played a part in the ship's construction, at the Yarwood's shipyard. It would seem that he had many strings to his bow. Copy and paste this address to see the image at http://picturecheshire.org.uk/frontend.php?action=zoom&keywords=c06581&continueUrl=ZnJvbnRlbmQucGhwPyZrZXl3b3Jkcz1zaGlwcy ZzZWFyY2g9U2VhcmNoJmFjdGlvbj1zZWFyY2gmcGFnZT0y

31st May 2008, 03:46
This would have been during the time when Lawrence was in the RAF.

31st May 2008, 07:58
I believe when at Calshot or Plymouth he was also involved in a pinnace design associated with the flying boats of the period.

20th June 2008, 10:06
T.E. Lawrence a.k.a. Aircraftsman Shaw was indeed involved in the development of the narrow beam Sea Plane Tenders or 200 class, he was of course a "speed freak" and certainly had a Mentor or Mentors up in the higher ranks of the Military, a lot of information regarding his contribution can be found on the British Power Boats website